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Branch County, Michigan

Source:  GNIS

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Adams Cemetery415026N0851636W

Section 19, Smoker Road, Burr Oak. Bronson

Amish Cemetery414933N0845335W

Section 33, Brown Road, Algansee

Ammerman Cemetery415130N0850408W

Section 13 and 24, Block Road, Bethel

Batavia Cemetery415513N0850551W

Section 26, Batavia Road, Batavia

Blossom Cemetery420057N0851626W

Section 19, Blossom Road at Ralston Road, Sherwood

Boot Hill Cemetery420218N0845153W

Section 14, Clarendon Road, Litchfield. Butler

Branch Cemetery  

Section 19, off of Branch Road south of the airport main runway, Coldwater.
Site no longer exists. A brick wall on Airport Dr. has a few headstones.

Bronson Cemetery415212N0851110W

Section 13, Cemetery Road, city of Bronson. Bronson

Brown Family Cemetery414841N0845554W

Sec. 31, east of the corner of Fremont Road and Brown Road on the north side.
Thirteen burials including gravesite of Hon. Asahel Brown elected to the State Senate in 1850 Algansee Twp.

Butler Cemetery420330N0845120W

Section 11, Herricksville Road. Butler

California Corners Cemetery414740N0845308W

Section 9, Ray-Quincy Road, California

Card Cemetery415116N0850410W

Section 13 and 24, Block Road, Bethel. Bethel

Curtis Cemetery414814N0851144W

Section 2, Orland Road, Bronson. Noble

Dutch Settlement Cemetery414838N0851548W

Section 5, Silkens Road, Burr Oak. Noble
aka Fry Cemetery; aka Dutch School Cemetery

East Gilead Cemetery414709N0850457W

Section 11, Block Road, East Gilead

Evergreen Cemetery420113N0850001W

Section 22, Marshall Road, Girard

Fisher Cemetery415253N0845259W

Section 10, Ray-Quincy Road, Fisher. Algansee

Gilead Cemetery414814N0850921W

Section 6, Gilead Lake Road, Gilead

Haight Cemetery415153N0851344W

Section 15, west 1.5 miles from Bronson, turn right on Weaver Road to one-half mile.
14 burials believed to members of Haight family. Bronson

Hill Cemetery415633N0850410W

Section 13, Colon Road/M-86, Coldwater. Batavia
aka Tripp Cemetery; aka Union Cemetery

Hooping Corner Cemetery414624N0850924W

Section 18, Gilead Lake Road, Gilead
aka South Gilead Cemetery

Hultz Family Cemetery414630N0845413W

Sec. 17, Southern and Carruthers Rds. 22 burials of the John Hultz family. California

Hurley Cemetery415723N0850230W

Section 7, Hurley Road. Branch Coldwater

Knauss Cemetery414714N0850000W

Section 10, Southern Road, Kinderhook

Lake Cemetery415448N0844950W

Section 25, Maple Road, Quincy. Quincy

Lake Forest Cemetery     Grand Haven, MI
Lake View Cemetery415612N0845336W

Section 21, West Street, Quincy

Lawrence Cemetery414746N0845955W

Section 10, Copeland Road, Kinderhook
aka Waterhouse Cemetery

Lester Cemetery


Fremont Road, Algansee Twp

Lockwood Cemetery415303N0850241W

Section 6, Lockwood Road, Coldwater. Ovid
aka Union Cemetery

Mason Cemetery415518N0845735W

Section 25, Mason Road, Coldwater

Matteson Cemetery415626N0851217W

Section 23, Colon Road/M-86, Bronson. Matteson

Morse Street Cemetery415655N0845942W

Section 15, Morse Street, Coldwater
aka Pioneer Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery420110N0845426W

Section 20, off Quincy Grange Road. Butler
aka Dayburg

Munday (Mundy?) Cemetery414629N0845731W

Section 13, Southern Road, Kinderhook

North Sherwood Cemetery420340N0851453W

Section 4, Mendon Road/M-60, Sherwood

Oak Grove Cemetery


Section 17, W. Chicago Street / US 12
Coldwater MI

Ovid Cemetery415208N0850256W

Section 18, Behnke and Central Roads, Coldwater. Ovid
aka Grub Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery414746N0851240W

Section 11, Pleasant Hill and Bawden Roads, Bronson. Noble

Riverside Cemetery


N. Broadway St., Union City

Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery415130N0851138W

Section 13, Orland Road, Bronson

Saint Mark's Memorial Garden

Sherwood Cemetery420024N0851419W

Section 28, N. Main Street, Sherwood

Shooks Prairie Cemetery420001N0845122W

Section 26, Briggs and Bidwell Roads, Quincy. Butler

Snow Prairie Cemetery415212N0850827W

Section 8, Central Road, Bethel. Bethel

Sorter Cemetery414938N0850019W

Section 28, Angola Road, Kinderhook. Ovid

Trayer Cemetery414614N0851604W

Section 17, Trayer Road, Bronson. Noble

West Prairie Cemetery420113N0850222W

Section 20, River Road, Hodunk. Girard
aka West Girard Cemetery

Whig Center Cemetery420236N0845140W

Section 14, Litchfield Road, Litchfield. Butler

Wilson Cemetery415207N0845817W

Section 14, Central and Lawrence Roads, Coldwater. Ovid

York Cemetery415402N0850754W

Batavia.  aka Paine/Payne
located on Cavanaugh Road in section 33 on the north side of the railroad

Unknown Grave


Section 27, one-quarter mile east and one-quarter mile north from Ray-Quincy Rd and Grove Rd intersection.
Private property. Branch Algansee

Unknown Cemetery


Section 15, Main Street, south of Chicago Street/US-12, Quincy. Bodies moved to Lakeview. Quincy

Unknown Cemetery


Section 8, Moore Road, Litchfield. Butler

Unknown Cemetery


Section 4, one-half mile north of the blinker light in Kinderhook on east side of road.
Seven burials believed to be members of Higbee family. Kinderhook

Unknown Cemetery


Section 26. Site obliterated. Bronson

Unknown Cemetery


Sec 7, southwest corner of Booth and Gilead Lake Road. Eight graves. Gilead

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