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Branch County, Michigan

Contributed by Paul Petosky unless otherwise noted.

FirstCongregational church 
First Congregational Church, 1940s
 Bronson MI


CaliforniaUnitedPresbyterian church 
United Presbyterian Church, 1910s
California, MI


First Baptist Church, 1940s
Coldwater, MI


FirstMethodist church1940 
First Methodist Church, 1940s
Coldwater, MI


first presbyterian church 
First Presbyterian Church, 1940s
Coldwater MI



St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 1913
Coldwater, MI


Methodist Episcopal Church, 1910
Sherwood, MI

Sherwood MI - The first Methodist class in Sherwood township was organized in 1838, with Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Studley, Mr. and Mrs. John Onderdonk and Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Williams as charter members. The frame church building was erected about 1858. The pastors since 1877 have been: O. S. Paddock, J. W. Buell, John Klose, S. George, C. C. Dawkins. M. H. Mott, W. J. Tarrant, William Barth, D D. Martin, J. T. Iddings, G. D. Lee, E. A. Armstrong, L. A. Sevitts, J. C Upton, J. G Ruoff, Walter Burnett, Russell Bready, A. W. Mumford, J. W. Gosling, W. H. Parsons, Quinton Walker, E. A. Baldwin, F. H. Larabee. [Source: "A Twentieth Century History and Biographical Record Of Branch Co. MI" By Rev. Henry P. Collin, M. A.]


methodist church quincy, mi 
Methodist Church, 1909
Quincy MI

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