Calhoun County Michigan

Calhoun County, Michigan 
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BABCOCK, Lewis Dennis January 4, 1858 Uriel E. Babcock Jane M. Lamont
BABCOCK, Robert Urial June 28, 1892 Lewis Dennis Babcock Belle (Cora) Briggs
BABCOCK, Uriel E. February 17, 1835 Horace  
BAKER, Charles E. June 17, 1836    
BRIGGS, Cora Belle July 17, 1869 Robert Briggs Anna Macomber
COLE, Clarence N. November 25, 1850 Newman Cole Jane Keith
COLE, Esther A. May 1, 1836 Martin Cole  
FISH, Edwin H. May 7, 1843 David C. Fish Celia Seamons
FISH, Leroy August 26, 1836 David C. Fish Celia Seamons
FISH, Washington March 7, 1842 David C. Fish Celia Seamons
JINRIGHT, Jimmy October 24, 1954 Vernon Jinright Mary Lee (Abbott) Whitrock
MATHEWS, Mildred Harriet February 9, 1902 Harry W. Mathews Emma Wilton
ORTMAN, Arthur Lee April 20, 1917 Arthur Edwin Ortman Edith Geraldine Mathews
ORTMAN, Harry Paul December 11, 1919 Arthur Edwin Ortman Edith Geraldine Mathews


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