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The only record of early deaths in Homer is that kept by the Presbyterian Church, and this record only includes those who belonged to the church. There are no death records in our county archives prior to 1867 and it was not compulsory to record them until 1905 they are not complete previous to this last date.



Cemetery - Location - County Township
Abscota/Wet Prairie -  - Section 8, N Drive South and 7 Mile, Burlington
Albion Memory Gardens  - Section 4, 27 Mile Road, Albion
Albion Township/Benham/South Albion  - Section 36, J Drive South and 29 Mile Road, Albion
Albion Township/Bryant  - Section 17, Condit Road at 25 1/2 Mile Road, Albion
Alavengo/Layer's/Marengo Memorial  - Section 27, Michigan Avenue, Marengo
Austin Cemetery - Section 22, 15 Mile Road, Walnut Point, Convis Township

Babcock Cemetery - Section 8, D Drive South and 25 1/2 Mile Road, Albion
Barrington Cemetery - Section 3 at Northeast Corner of  North Drive South and 9-1/2 Mile Road
Battle Creek Memorial Park  - Section 15, Columbia Road, Battle Creek. Battle Creek
Beckley Cemetery - Section 27  3 Mile Rd / Interstate 94, Battle Creek
Bedford/Harmonia  - Section 32, Brydges Street,  Bedford
Bedford/Hutchinson  - Section 10, M-37, Bedford
Bentley's Corners/Clarendon Center/E. Clarendon Sec. 26, T Dr. S. Tekonsha.  Clarendon
Burlington Township/New Burlington  - Section 26, M-60, Burlington
Burr Oak Cemetery

Calhoun County Poor Farm Cemetery - Section 19, 18 1/2 Mile Road, Marshall. Marengo
Ceresco Cemetery - Section 24, near 12 Mile Road, Ceresco.  Emmett

Clarence District 4 Cemetery/Nichols Sec. 20, 26 Mile Rd.  and R Dr. North, Clarence
Clarence on the Hill Cemetry/Dyer  - Section 35, one-half mile northeast of Kellogg Country School between 28 and 28 1/2 Mile Roads.  Clarence
Clark Cemetery/Clarks  - Section 28, V Drive South, Tekonsha. Clarendon
Cook's Prairie Cemetery - Section 1, 23 Mile Road, Homer.  Clarendon

Davis Cemetery - Section 21, off E Drive North, on the Country Club property, Albion.  Sheridan
Dubois Cemetery/  - Section 36, B Drive North, Battle Creek

East Eckford Cemeter - Section 13, 23 Mile and Homer Roads, Eckford
East Leroy Cemetery/Mather  - Section 35, 5 Mile Road, East Leroy.  LeRoy

Fairview Cemetery  - Section 6, M Drive South, Homer
Fisher Cemetery - Section 13, R Drive South,  Homer
Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery - Section 10, East Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek.   Emmett
Fremont Park Cemetery/Quaker/Society of Friends - Section 6, Fremont Street, Battle Creek. Removed to Oak Hill Cemetery, Emmett Township, Battle Creek
Ft. Custer Natl. Cemetery

German Cemetery/Lutheran  - Section 32, 13 Mile Road, Tekonsha.  Fredonia

Hamilton Cemetery - Section 7, V Drive North,  Bedford
Halladay/Harmon/Holiday Cemetery - Section 26, West Morgan Road, Battle Creek.  Bedford
Haskell Home Cemetery
Hicks Cemetery - Section 16, 9 Mile Road/M-66, Battle Creek.   Pennfield
Hotchkiss Cemetery - Section 10, J Drive North,  Marshall
Houston Cemetery
Hunt/North Clarence Cemetery - Section 5, V Drive North and 26 Mile Road, Partello.  Clarence

Indian Cemetery - Section 20, off 1 1/2 Mile Road, Athens. Athens

Johnson Cemetery - Section 17, G Drive North, Marengo.  Marengo

Krenerick Cemetery - Section 33, L Drive North, Clarence Center.  Clarence

Lee Center Cemetery - Section 3, V Drive North, Olivet.  Lee
Leroy-Morgan/Morgan/Robinson Cemetery - Section 2, 5 Mile Road, Sonoma.  LeRoy
Lyon Lake Cemetery - Section 24, 17 Mile and G Drive South, Marshall.  Fredonia

Marengo Village Cemetery - Section 25, 23 Mile Road north of B Drive North, Marengo.  Marengo
McFadden Cemetery - Section 11, 17 Mile Road,   Tekonsha
Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery - Section 7, 260 South Avenue, in Battle Creek.   Emmett
Mulvaney Family Cemetery - Section 1, 12 Mile Road, Bellevue.   Pennfield

Newbre/Newbry Cemetery - Sections 33 and 34, B Drive South, Ceresco.  Emmett
Newton Township Cemetery - Section 16, F Drive South, East Leroy.  Newton
North Athens  - Section 4, M Drive South and 2 Mile, East Leroy.  Athens
North Clarence Cemetery
North Marengo Cemetery - Section 27, Michigan Avenue,   Marengo

Oak Hill Cemetery
Oakridge Cemetery
Old Athens/Old Burg Cemetery - Section 27, U Drive South,   Athens
Old Burlington Cemetery - Section 25, near 11 Mile and M-60,    Burlington
Old Homer Cemetery - Section 8, Homer Township. Site located on Webster Street, south of Fulton Street in the town of Homer. Bodies removed to Fairview Cemetery, Homer Twp.  Homer

Partello Cemetery - Section 12, off 23 Mile Road, Partello.  Lee
Porter Cemetery - Section 25, N Drive North, Walnut Point.  Convis
Prairieville Cemetery

Raesley Cemetery - Section 17, 19 Mile Road.   Marengo
Reed Family Cemetery - Section 12, north of H Drive North and east of 29 Mile Road.  Sheridan
Reese Cemetery - Section 3, 3 Mile and Dickman. Battle Creek
Rice Creek Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery

Sackrider/Sandstone Cemetery - Section 14, S. of inter - Section of Michigan Ave. and 11 Mile Rds.
   next to old sandstone school, approx. 1 block on the right from the corner, Battle Creek.  Emmett
Sampson Cemetery - Section 11, 23 Mile Road,    Marengo
South Leroy Congregational Cemetery - Section 28 and 29, H Drive South, Joppa.  LeRoy
St Joseph's Cemetery - Section 35, South County Line and 22 Mile Roads, Bentley’s Corners.  Clarendon
St Mary's Cemetery - Sections 19 and 30, Martello Road, Marshall.  Marengo
Stimpson Cemetery - Section 9, O Drive South, east of 2 Mile, East Leroy.  Athens
Stone Jug/Sunset Gardens Cemetery - Section 16, 3 Mile Road,  Battle Creek

Townsend Cemetery - Sections 17 and 18, 19 Mile Road,   Marengo

Unknown Cemetery - Section 28, J Drive South, Homer.   Albion
Unknown Cemetery - Section 1, Champion and Washington Streets, Battle Creek.  Moved to Oak Hill in 1844.  Battle Creek

Walker Cemetery - Section 11, 4 and 1/2 Mile Road/M-66.  Athens
West Clarendon Cemetery - Section 18, M-60, Tekonsha.  Clarendon
West Eckford Cemetery - Section 17, 19 1/2 Mile Road,   Eckford
West Leroy Cemetery - Section 7, C Drive South, Sonoma.  LeRoy
West Pennfield Cemetery - Section 16, 9 Mile Road/M-66, Battle Creek.  Pennfield
Windfall Cemetery - Section 29, Jackson Road, Tekonsha

Youngs Cemetery/Sec. 15, West Territorial Rd. Battle Creek.\ Part of Battle Creek Mem. Pk.  Battle Creek

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