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Jane M. Lamont Babcock (w/o Uriel E.)2 15 Dec. 1924 (age 82) Battle Creek,  (at home)    
Lewis Dennis Babcock2 28 August 1943 South Bend, IN Mitral Insufficiency Riverview, South Bend, IN
Urial Babcock2 6 Sept. 1969 Memorial Hosp., South Bend, IN Cancer  
Uriel E. Babcock22 9 Feb 1898     Morgan Cemetery, LeRoy Twp. Battle Creek
MATHEWS, Harry 08 Jul 1902 Battle Creek liver disease Oakhill
VINCENT, Louisa J. 26 Jul 1901 Emmet Twp. spinal meningitis Oakhill
WILTON, John William 10 Aug 1915 Battle Creek   Oakhill
1 Unless otherwise noted, all data submitted by K. L. Ortman.
2 Submitted by  K. La Rose 


Noyes, Rev. Nathan, d. in Marshall, Aug. 19, 1849, ae 64y. Born in Guilford, Conn., Dec. 18, 1784. Moved to Preston, Chenango Co., N.Y., and Peninton, Monroe Co., N.Y., in 1833, moved to Novi, Oakland Co., Mich. He left six sons... 9-12-50
Warner, /Warham (Cynthia) d. in Albion, Ap. 29, 1850, in the 70th year of her age... Obituary 9-19-50

Clark, Mrs. Moses (Mary G.) d. in Battle Creek, May 23, 1850 ae 34 y. 6-13-50

Howard, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth d. in Albion, July 11, 1850 in the 28th year of her age. Joined the church in Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y. 8-22-50

Knapp, Mrs. Elizabeth R. d. in Battle Creek, Aug. 17, 1850 ae 27y. 9-26-50

Angell, D. W., d. in Battle Creek, Aug. 28, 1850 ae 68y. 9-19-50

Harris, Mrs. J. (Sarah) d. in Battle Creek, Sept. 5, 1850, in the 59th year of her age. Born in Nassau, N.Y., Ap. 7, 1792; m. in Ap. 2, 1813. 9-12-50

Haven, Mrs. Isaac (Amy L. Parsons of Richmond, Ontario Co., N.Y.) d. in Albion, Dec. 29, 1850 ae 34y. 1-9-51

Shroyer, Mrs. Martha, d. in South Albion, April 10, 1851 in the 69th year of her age. She came from Palmyra, N.Y. 4-24-51

Fish, Mrs. Austin d. at Duck Lake, May 13, 1851 ae 28y. 7-17-51

Packer, Mary R. d. in Battle Creek, May 16, 1851, ae 19y and 6 m. 8-28-51

Miller, Judson, d. in Albion, July 19, 1851, eldest son of George and Catherine Miller, ae 2y and 3-1/2m. 7-24-51

Gordon, Mary d. in Albion, Sept. 1851, only child of Osra and Ann Eliza Gordon, ae 2y. 10-16-51

Taylor, David, d. in Albion, Dec. 27, 1851, ae nearly 78y. He was son of David Taylor, Sr. and b. in Conn. in April 1774... Long biography. 1-15-52

Lewis, Edward, d. in Albion, March 6, 1852, ae 76y. Long biog. sketch. 4-8-52

Howard, Robert, d. in Albion, March 8, 1852, youngest child of Daniel and Eliza L. Howard, ae 18m. 4-8-52

Duryee, Durgee, Sarah Ardella, d. in Albion, March 24, 1852, only child of William and Maria S. Durgee, ae 3y and 10m 4-8-52 4-15-52

Wisner, Mrs. L. L. (Cynthia) d. in Athens, March 30, 1852, ae 48y. 4-22-52

Howard, John D. d. in Albion, April 18, 1852, eldest child of Daniel and Eliza Howard, ae 6y, 8m and 20d. 5-131-52

Moore, Silas Horton d. in Sheridan, June 23, 1852 ae 52y. Formerly of Seneca Co., N.Y. 7-15-52

Luscomb, Harriett Amanda, d. in Sheridan, June 25, 1852, second dau. of D. W. and Lucy P. Luscomb, ae nearly 6y. 7-15-52

Woodward, Almon, d. in Albion, ae 34y and 8m 7-29-52

Nothingham, Charles, d. in Albion, July 5, 1852, eldest son of William and Nancy Nothingham. 7-29-52

Case, Solomon, d. in Battle Creek, Oct. 13, 1852 in the 61st year of his age. Joined the Baptist Church in penfield, N.Y. Came to Michigan in 1836. 11-4-52

Bracket, Caroline C. d. in Marshall, Nov. 14, 1852, dau. of Ezra Bracket, in the 20th year of her age. 12-2-52

Hendrix, George, d. in Marshall, Feb. 4, 1853, youngest son of J. R. and Eveline Hendrix in the 9th year of his age. 5-12-53.

Sackett, John Z. d. in Albion, June 17, 1853, in his 38th year. 7-21-53

Polhemus, Mrs. Henry (Jane Anderson) d. in Marshall, Nov. 2, 1853 ae 75 years. Dau. of James Anderson of Hunterdon Co., N.J., m. to David Dunham in 1803 and resided in Morris Co., N.Y. He died in 1807. United with Baptist church in Flannington in 1808, m. to Henry Polhemus of Auburn, N.Y., came west in spring of 1844 to Columbus, Ohio, and in 1847 to Marshall, Mich. 11-24-53.

Clapp, Mrs. Oris (Hannah R.) d. in home between Albion and Marengo, Jan. 21, 1854. ae 64y. She came to Mich. about 33 years ago. She was a native of S. Carolina, dau. of Rev. Michael Burge, a Rev. officer, who settled in Cayuga Co., N.Y. 3-2-54

Potter, Emery, d. in Albion ae 55y. He was formerly of Herkimer Co., N.Y. He leaves a wife and three children. 6-8-54

Crittenden, Mrs. Luman (Experience Sherman) d. in Albion, Sept. 14, 1854, ae 49y. She was the dau. of Jacob Sherman of Savoy, Berkshire Co., Mass. Came to Michigan with her husband in 1836. She leaves a husband, three sons, and a daughter. 1-4-55

Crittenden, Mrs. Lyman (Experience Sherman) d. in Albion, Sept. 14, 1854, ae 49y. She was a dau. of Jacob Sherman of Savoy, Berkshire, Co., Mass. Came to Albion in 1836. 10-12-54

Hendrix, David Fay, d. in Marshall, Ap. 11, 1855, ae 34y. He was the son of David Hendrix of Shaftsbury, Vt. 6-21-55

Noyes, Joseph d. in Marshall, Ap. 21, 1855, infant son of H. A. and Mary Noyes, ae 8m. 6-21-55

Herrick, Mrs. Harriet, d. in Homer, ae 49y. She came from New York State. 8-23-55

Robinson, Mrs. Huron (Martha) d. in Leroy, Jan. 24, 1856, she was a member of the Baptist Church in South Battle Creek. 3-6-56

Case, V. S. d. in Battle Creek (?) March 1, 1856, son of Solomon and Mary Case of Battle Creek, Mich., ae 21y. 4-17-56

Noyes, Mary d. in Marshall, March 29, 1856, eldest dau. of Horace A. and Mary Noyes, ae 15y. 4-24-56

Ingersoll, Mrs. George (Mary A.) d. in Battle Creek, Aug. 23, 1856, ae 37y. 9-4-56

Salter, D. N. (Sophia U.) d. in Marshall, Dec. 26, 1856 in the 53d year of her age. Born in East Haddam, Conn. Came to Michigan in 1834. Married in 1838. Joined her husband on the overland route to California in March, 1852. 1-31-56

Palmer, Mrs. L. D. (Adeline) d. in Marshall, Oct. 1, 1857, ae 34y. She leaves a husband, two daughters and a father. Bapt. in Westville, Otsego Co., N.Y. 10-15-57

Miner, Almira C., d. in Marshall, March 25, 1858, ae 18 y. 5-27-58

Miner, Bessie L., d. in Marshall, Ap. 17, 1858 ae 26y. She was a Marshall school teacher. 5-27-58

Dunning, S. W. of Kalamazoo, and Miss E. A. Dobbins, of Marshall, m. in Marshall, Ap. 22, 1858, by Rev. Mr. Doroughty. 5-13-58

Ludden, Calvin, d. in Marshall, May 15, 1858, ae 56y. 6-3-58

Robinson, Eddy S., d. in Battle Creek, Aug. 31, 1858, son of L. D. and Phebe Robinson, ae 1 y, 10m, and 15 d. 9-30-58

Harris, Nettie, d. in South Battle Creek, Sept. 9, 1858, dau. of John G. and Ella M. Harris, ae 2 y and 6 m. 9-23-58

[Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian Herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 7-11 - submitted by Peggy Thompson]

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