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Homer MI - Louis M. Hardy and his wife Ella, of this city, were found dead in their bed last night - evidently murdered. They lay side by side. Each had been shot twice; each had been shot once under the heart, and once through the head. Dr. Joseph A. Thompson, the first physician on the scene, says that neither one could have inflicted the wounds - that murder certainly must have been done. The case is one of mystery deep and weird, and this community is stirred as never before in its history. While many in the town are certain that a double murder has been committed, no one can suggest a motive advance a theory, or offer anything resembling an explanation.
Mrs. Hardy was the wife of a murderer - her husband, the brother of the same man. Twenty-seven years ago, George Hardy, brother of the man found dead last night, killed an old woman. His wife then was the woman killed yesterday. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. About two years later, or 25 years ago, Louis Hardy married his brother's widow, for widow she was in the eyes of the law, which held that George, sentenced for life was dead. So this tragedy and this wedding of two decades ago now come rushing vividly to mind in the contemplation of this possible double muder. Louis Hardy was a poultry buyer of the firm of Hardy & Court, of Marshall MI and was well to do. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy had no children. They resided alone in Everett street, near the Lake Shore depot.
Thursday they retired as usual. It is believed they met their death at about 4 o'clock Friday morning, for at that hour John Morris, the Lake Shore station agent, who resides next door, was aroused by sharp reports. he thought that torpedoes had been exploded on the track and went back to sleep without making an investigation. All day the Hardy home was quiet and undisturbed by visitors. At 6 o'clock last night George Doechtendagen, who worked for Hardy, called at the house, alarmed by the absence of his employer. No one answered hisknocks and he pushed his way into the house. He found the two bodies. Husband and wife lay side by side in bed. The woman wa son the inside; the man on the outside. Hardy lay on his back with his arms carefully folded on his breast. On one arm rested a revolver with four empty chambers. Mrs. Hardy lay on her back with the bedclothes carefully and neatly tucked about her. If by any inconceivable circumstance one of the two had done the shooting the other said that that person must have been left-handed. Mrs. Hardy was left-handed.
However the suicide theory is not seriously entertained by the authorities. On the other hand, no one can advance a motive for murder. No one was seen at or near the house to arouse suspicion. The domestic life of the couple, as far as is known, was happy. They had no known enemies. Justice Isaac Robinson impaneled a jury, and inquest will be held at 1 o'clock today. George Hardy, the murderer of two decades ago, is a famous "trusty" at the Jackson prison. Repeated efforts have been made to have him pardoned; his brother leading in all these efforts. Louis Hardy was about 40 years of age. His wife was a little older.  Daily Telegram, Adrian, MI, February 25, 1905)

George Hardy when seen at the prison last night was greatly shocked to learn of the death of his brother and wife. I cannot believe it is a case of murder and suicide, he said. I know of no reason why either of them should have taken the other's life. They had always lived happily together, although lately I had heard that she was a trifle jealous. But I cannot believe it is anything but a double murder. (Daily Telegram, Adrian, MI, February 25, 1905)

Life convict George Hardy will attend the funeral of his brother Louis and wife here this afternoon dressed in civilian's clothes and escorted by Joe Vincent, brother of Wardon Alonzo Vincent of Jackson. This will be the second time that Hardy has been allowed to leave prison walls to attend a funeeral of a relative, the first time being at the death of his father, about a year ago. The unique spectacle will also be presented of a prisoneer attending the double funeral of his brother, whom she his wife, who had once been the convict's wife, and from whom he had never been divorced. Further, the spectacle will also be presented of the former husband of a murdeross attending her funeral and the funeral of his brother, whom she slew. The double funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Lois Hardy, the victims in Homer's distressing tragedy, will take place this afternoon from the M.E. Church. Following the services the remains will be taken by train to Springport, and will then be conveyed to Duck Lake to be interred close to the grave of Hardy's father.  (Ann Arbor Daily Times, Homer, MI, February 27, 1905)
Marshall MI - There have been some rather sensational developments in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hardy of Homer, found dead in bed on the afternoon of February 24 by neighbors. Both were shot in the heart and head, and a coroner's jury decided that they came to their death at the hands of Mrs. Hardy. The officers have been investigating the case more fully. A diary of Mrs. Hardy's was found in which it referred to her husband's trips out of town, also of a well known woman. One passage reads: "I can stand it no longer. The climax is reached. I am almost crazy." The officers interviewed the woman with whom Hardy is alleged to have gone, and she confessed to having been the author of sseveral letters found among Hardy's papers which were marked "B" and which were addressed to Hardy in very endearing terms. Among other of Hardy's papers was found a document which was sworn to in the "Presence of Almighty God," in which Hardy declared he would be true to a certain woman in question and also to his lawful wife, but not to any other woman. He swore that if this oath be broken, he hoped his tongue would rot. Frank Court of this city, Hardy's partner in business, says that he believes that Mrs. Hardy never murdered her husband and that a double murder was committed by some outside person.  (Evening News, Sault Ste Marie, MI, March 9, 1905)

Marshall - The hearing of claims in the estates of Louis Hardy and Mrs. Louis Hardy of Homer, who were found dead in bed at home one morning last spring, has brought up an unusual question of law. It is generally supposed Mrs. Hardy killed her husband and then committed suicide. Earl J. Fellows and G.D. Cleveland are commissioners for the husband's estate and J.W. Breakey and O.S. Lynn for the wife's estate. The question is whether the estate of the deceased husband is liable for his deceased wife's funeral expenses. W.A. Lane administrator for Mr. Hardy's estate claims it is not and the other side claims that it is. In order to avoid litigation the administrators agreed to submit the question to a disinterested attorney, L.C. Miller of this city, who filed the opinion that the deceased husband's estate is not liable if the wife survived him. The U. of M. library was thoroughly searched and not a single similar case could be found. (Grand Rapids Pres, September 22, 1905)

Joseph B. Blunt, who murdered his parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Homer D. Jones, Saturday morning, pleaded guilty and was sentenced Monday to life imprisonment at Jackson prison. After hearing his fate, Blunt showed no emotion and thanked Judge North.
Elkhart Weekly Review, Elkhart, Indiana, May 6, 1908, Page 1,Submitted by Friends for Free Genealogy Barb Z)

Verdict of the Jury in the Case of Conductor Scott.
BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Dec. 27. - After being out an hour and a half the jury in the Conductor Scott manslaughter case rendered a verdict of not guilty. Scott was the conductor of train No. 6 which disobeyed orders and caused a collision here on October 20 in which twenty-seven were killed and twenty-six wounded. The trial was the hardest fought legal battle that has been tried here. The prosecutor was assisted by Senator Clapp. The verdict gives general satisfaction. [The Argus (Caledonia, Houston, NM), December 30, 1893, page 1; tr by RL] 

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