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Cass County, Michigan

Contributed by Tina Easley

Cemetery - Location- Township

Adamsville Cemetery

Allen/Red Mill Cemetery  - Section 12, Elm Street, Dowagiac. Cass Silver Creek

Baldwin's Prairie/East Union/Rinehart Cemetery  - Section 7and 8, US-12 and Union. Porter

Barron Lake Cemetery  - Section 20, Dick Street, Niles. Howard

Bethel Cemetery  - Section 21, Mount Zion Street Calvin

Birch Lake/East Cemetery  - Section 1, James Road. Calvin

Bly/Marcellus Cemetery  - Section 14, Marcellus Highway, Marcellus

Brady Cemetery  - Section 21, one-half mile off Oak Grove Road. La Grange

Brookside/Dailey/Union Cemetery - Sections 31 and 32, Dunning Hill Road, Cassopolis La Grange

Burlington/Gill/Hamilton/Pokagon Street Cemetery  - Section 1, west end of Pokagon Street, Dowagiac. Private. C Pokagon

California/Momany Cemetery  - Section 26, Yaw Street, Dowagiac. Cass Silver Creek

Calvary Catholic Cemetery  - Section 36, Prairie Street, Dowagiac. Cass Silver Creek

Calvin Center/Calvin Community Cemetery  - Section 22, located on Mt. Zion St., .4 miles east of its intersection with Calvin Center Road. Calvin

Cass County Poor Farm/Rest Haven Cemetery  - Section 3, west of Cass County Medical Care Facility, Hospital Street, C Jefferson

Cassopolis/Prospect Hill Cemetery  - Section 26, Disbrow Street, Cassopolis. La Grange

Chain Lake/Lake View Cemetery  - Section 13, Chain Lake Street. Calvin

Charleston Cemetery  - Section 3, Dewey Lake Street, Decatur. Volinia

Corwin/North Wayne Cemetery  - Section 4, Atwood and Corwin Streets, Dowagiac. Wayne

Coulter Chapel Cemetery

Crane Cemetery  - Section 18, Decatur and Crane Roads, Decatur. Volinia

Crawford/Jefferson Cemetery  - Section 27, M-62, Edwardsburg. Jefferson

Cullinane/Dewey Lake/Moore's Corners Cemetery  - Section 6, Dixon Street, Dowagiac. Silver Creek

Dailey Cemetery

Edwardsburg Cemetery

Five Points Cemetery

Gage Cemetery  - Section 20, Gage Street, Dowagiac. Wayne

Gilbert Cemetery  - Section 29, Indian Lake Road, Dowagiac. Privat Silver Creek

God's Half Acre/Redfield  Cemetery - Section 24, Redfield Street, Adamsville. Ontwa

Edwardsburg/Pleasant Lake Cemetery  - Section 5, in Edwardsburg. Ontwa

Geneva/Kincheloe/McIntosh/Moon Cemetery  - Section 30, M-60 and Decatur Road, Cassopolis. Penn

Goff Cemetery  - Section 20, Marcellus Highway, Marcellus. Private. Marcellus

Haight Family Cemetery  - Section 18, Marcellus. Private Marcellus

Hartman/Long Cemetery  - Section 35, M-40, Jones. Porter

Harwood Cemetery  - Section 24, Harwood Lake Road, Jones. Newberg

Howard  Cemetery - Location Unknown - Acme

Hutchings/Hutchins/Lilly Lake Cemetery  - Section 32, M-60, Jones. Newberg

Huyck Graves - Section 30, Marcellus

Indian Lake Cemetery  - Section 29, School Street, Dowagiac. Silver Creek

Kessington/Sailor Cemetery  - Section 14, Kessington Road, Union. Mason

La Grange/Whitmanville Cemetery  - Section 15, M-62, Cassopolis. La Grange

Lawrence Cemetery - Location unknown - Acme

Lawrence Pioneer Cemetery - Location Unknown  -Acme

Little Fish Lake Cemetery  - Section 35, Lawrence and Little Fish Lake Roads, Wakelee. Volinia

Little Prairie Ronde/Nicholsville/Rose Hill  Cemetery - Section 13, Lawrence Rd, Decatur. Volinia

Merritt Cemetery  - Section 17, Birch Road, Williamsville. Private. Porter

Mission Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery  - Section 32, M-51. Pokagon

Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery  - Section 23, Mount Zion Street. Calvin

Oakdale Cemetery  - Section 26, Fox Street, Vandalia. Penn

Oak Grove/Oakgrove Cemetery  - Section 3, Sweet Road, Union. Porter

Old City Cemetery  - Section 36, in Dowagiac. Silver Creek

Paradise Cemetery  - Section 15, off Tharp Lake Road and US-12. Mason

Plum Grove Cemetery  - Section 7, Union Road, Union. Porter

Poe Cemetery  - Section 22, Born and Patterson Hill Streets, Jones. Newberg

Prairie Grove Cemetery  - Section 22, 2m south of Penn and east side of Penn Rd. Cassopolis Penn

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Reames-Norton Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery  - Section 6, in Dowagiac. La Grange

Roger's  Cemetery - Section 1, Runkle Road. Milton

Rodgers Cemetery  - Section 30, Indian Lake Road. Private Pokagon

Sacred Heart of Mary St Mary's/Silver Creek Catholic Cemetery  - Section 11, Leach Road, Dowagiac. Silver Creek

Salisbury/Salsbury Cemetery  - Section 1, Anderson Road, Niles. Howard

Sand Hill Cemetery  - Section 36, Bair Lake Street, Jones. Newberg

Schulte/Shurte Cemetery  - Section 15, Beeson Street, Cassopolis. La Grange

Shaffer Cemetery - Section 32, Lamb Road. Calvin

Shavehead Cemetery - Section 21, Robbins Lake Road, Jones. Porter

Smith Chapel Cemetery

South Wayne/Wayne Chapel Cemetery - Section 24, Gage Street, Dowagiac. Wayne

Sumnerville - Section 31 and 32, Pokagon Highway. Pokagon

Truitt Cemetery

Unknown Cemetery - Section 34, Paradise Lake Road, Vandalia. Bodies moved to Birch Lake. Penn

Van Riper Cemetery - Section 10, Twin Lake Road, Cassopolis. La Grange

White Cemetery - Section 26, Glenwood and Flanders Streets, Dowagiac. Wayne

Young's Prairie Cemetery

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