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Cass County, Michigan

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Friends Church
Friends Church, c. 1910
Penn, MI

Chain Lake Baptist Church 

Chain Lake Baptist Church , Organized 1838
Cassopolis MI

Cassopolis Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church, 1910
Cassopolis, MI

This church was organized in 1842, under what was known as the "accommodation plan." Its establishment was in a certain measure due to the American Home Missionary Society, and for several years it received a small amount of aid from that body. The Home Missionary Society consisted of Congregationalist's and Presbyterian's. One of its by-laws, or rules, provided for the organization of churches under its auspices which should not partake of the distinguishing characteristics of either. The church came into being under the name of the First Presbyterian Church of Cassopolis, upon the 19th of March, at which time the Rev. Noah M. Wells delivered an address before a small gathering of people who favored the organization. Its original members were Samuel F. Anderson, Mahala P. Anderson, Carlos W. Baldwin, Amelia Fuller, Margaret Sears, Eliza Ann Beckwith, Harvey Bigelow, Wells Crumb, Lucy Ann Crumb and Susannah Hopkins. These persons were received on presentation of letters from other churches and the following (the same day), upon confession of faith, viz.: Joseph Harper, Caroline Harper, William F. Huyck and Lewis C. Curtis. On the following day Phebe Wheeler, Harriet Smith, Miss L. A. Hurlbut, Amos Fuller, Mathias Weaver and Catharine Weaver were received by letter, and William and Margaret A. Mansfield and William Sears on confession of faith.

The Rev. A. S. Kedzie was employed in November as the first Pastor of the church. Samuel F. Anderson and Hervey Bigelow were the first Deacons. Mr. Kedzie was only engaged for a period of six months, and in July, 1848, the Rev. Alfred Bryant was employed as minister. The succeeding clergymen, who have had charge of the flock, have been the Revs. M. Harrison, James Mc Lauren. M. Bacon, Thomas Jones, George O. Overhiser, Eli W. Taylor, George H. Miles, E. B. Sherwood, A. H. Gaston, Theodore B. Hascall, O. H. Barnard-Wilson and M. Q. McFarland.

The erection of the house of worship of this society was commenced in 1845. It remained unfinished, however, until November, 1846, because of the lack of funds to carry on the work. The parsonage property upon the comer of O'Keefe and State streets, was purchased June 13, 1855.

A large and interesting Sunday school is carried on in connection with the church.


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