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Cass County, Michigan

Deaths of pioneers of Elkhart and Cass counties
Prepared and read by C. H. Chase, at the picnic of the Pioneers' Association of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, at Simonton Lake,Thursday, August 9, 1894
[Source: Elkhart Weekly Review; 16 Aug 1894; Submitted by Friends of Free Genealogy] 

Necrology of the Pioneers of Elkhart County, Indiana, and Cass County, Michigan, for the Year Ending August 8, 1894.

William Pollock, born in Prebble Co., Ohio, August 6, 1220, came to Cass Co. when but ten years old, died suddenly at Cassopolis, June 3, 1894

David Lilly, born in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1814, came to LaGrange when but 21 years old, and bought the land on which he died, March 18, 1894.

Lydia McCoy Sifford, was born in Ohio in 1829 and while yet a child came to Cass county, where she married Matthew W. Sifford in 1846 died at Dowagiac, September 22, 1893.

John Emmons, born in Giles county, Va., August 18, 1808, settled on a farm in Pokagon in 1834, and died October 1,1893.

Phebe Long, widow of Oscar Long, for more than 50 years a resident of Porter, died in that township, Dec. 13, 1893.

Mary A., widow of W. V. Bucklen, born in Sandusky county, Ohio, in 1820, came to Michigan while a child, married to Mr. Bucklen, January 20, 1839, died in Marcellus, January 26, 1894.

Bethesda Motley, widow of James Motley, came to Porter in 1840, and there died March 5, 1894, in the 81st year of her age.

Mrs. John Kelsey, for many years a resident of Mason, died at Elkhart, September 6, 1893, in the 70th year of her age resided where he died since 1840.

Levi Reams, born in Logan county, Ohio, Nov. 13, 1824, came to Jefferson in 1828, and there died, April 12, 1894.

Mrs. Hattie Wiley, widow of James Wiley, born in Scipio, N.Y. in 1810, married Mr. Wiley and came to Michigan in 1831, died at Dowagiac, December 1, 1893.

Harvey Bigelow, born July 4, 1816, at Half Moon. N. Y., came to La Grange in 1837, died at Dowagiac, November 3, 1893, where he had resided since 1851.

Mrs. Harriet Brownell, died at Dowagiac, February 20,1894. She was born in Onondaga county, N. Y., December 5, 1812, and married to Charles Brownell in 1841.

Catherine, wife of R. V. Hicks, born in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, in 1823. Came to Michigan at an early date, and was married to Mr. Hicks in 1843. Died in Milton, July 1, 1893.

Susannah Dieggebacher, born in Northumberland county, Pa., September 5, 1809, came to Ontwa at an early date, and died September 25, 1893.

Mrs. Melinda Bachus, an early settler of Milton, died November 10, 1893, at the age of 73.

Richard R. Huyck, born in New York, February 21, 1811, settled on Little Prairie Ronde in 1832, and died December 14,1893.

Daniel Blish, born in Gilsam, New Hampshire, June 17, 1812, came to Michigan in 1839, and Silver Creek in 1840; died Nov. 5, 1893.

Lydia J.Ruple, born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., March 3, 1835, came to Cass county when an infant, married to Jonas Ruple, May 29, 1856; died in Penn, September 16,1893.

Wesley Bair, a resident of Marcellus since 1837, died December 28, 1893, at the age of 68.

Lydia O. Tharp, born Jan. 10,1817, in Logan county, Ohio, came to Cass county when but ten years old, married to Laban Tharp, Jan. 20, 1838, and died in Jefferson, Sept. 15, 1893.

Dr. William J. Kelsey, born in Niagara county, N. Y., August 20, 1839, and while yet an infant came with his parents to Cass county. Died at Cassopolis, Nov. 29, 1893. .

Nancy L. Hebron, born in New York city, Feb. 17, 1822, came to Porter in 1836, married to Benj. Hebron, Sept. 5, 1841. and died in Penn, Nov. 20, 1893.

Hugh Traverse, aged 70 years, most of whose life was spent in Porter, died in that town, Jan. 25, 1894.

Mrs. Fanny Andrus, widow of Haggard Andrus, was born in Cayuga county, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1808, came to Ontwa in 1835, and died in Mason, Jan. 20, 1894.

James H. Truitt, born in Milton in 1843. died in that town, Feb. 6, 1894.

Wm. Lofland, a resident of Jefferson more than fifty years ago, died in Mishawaka, and was buried in Cassopolis cemetery, Feb. 19, 1894, at the age of 84 years.

William I. Hall, an aged pioneer, died in Volinia, March 18, 1894.

Phebe H., wife of H. A. Crego, born on Young's Prairie, March 6, 1810, married to Mr. Crego, Aug. 8, 1867, died in Volinia, March 24, 1894.

William Seares, born in Eric county, Pa., June 10, 1816, came to La Grange in 1835, died March 13, 1894.

Wesley Hunt, born in Vermont about 80 years ago, came to Cass county when a young man, died at Cassopolis, March 13, 1894.

William Jones, born in Preble county, Ohio, March 8, 1813, came to the farm in Cass county on which he died, in 1829, and died March 29,1894.

Lovina Bosley, wife of James H Cooper, born in Lake county, Ohio, April 29, 1834, and with her parents came to Jefferson in 1839, married to Mr. Cooper, Dec. 10, 1860, died June 17, 1894.

Mrs. E. C. Smith, born in Eric county, N. Y., May 29, 1811; married to E. C. Smith, Jan. 11, 1832; came to Howard township, June 4, 1835; died there, July 12, 1894.

E. C. Smith, husband of above, born in Eric county, N. Y., June 6, 1811; died in Howard township, July 30, 1894. He held the office of Supervisor for 12 years, was Justice nearly 36 years and a member of the legislature 2 years.

Mrs. Augusta Higbee of Cassopolis, Sunday, aged 71  [Source: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN), Wed, October 13, 1909; p. 5]
Jeremiah Shepard of Calvin township, Cass county, Michigan, died last Saturday, aged 88. [Source: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN) Sat., Jan 25, 1908, p.1]
William A. Storey of Porter. Sunday, aged 70;  [Source: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN), Wed., Oct 13, 1909; p. 5]
Mrs. Francis Thompson of Jefferson township, Wednesday, aged 69  [Source: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN), Wed, Oct 13, 1909; p. 5]
Mrs. Wealthy Tletsort of Jefferson, Monday, aged 66;  [Source: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN), Wed, Oct 13, 1909; p. 5]


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