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Cass County, Michigan

Marcellus school 
School Building, Marcellus, MI , 1960s
Submitted by Paul Petosky

marcellus High School 1910
High School Marcellus, MI,  1910
Submitted by Paul Petosky

Public School Penn 1910

Public School in Penn MI 1910 -
Submitted by Paul Petosky

Almost simultaneous with the advent of the pioneers were schools established for the instruction of the young. First in private houses, and a more inconvenient place could not readily be selected, for a house with one room, in which the household duties of the day were being performed, presented many distracting scenes. Still, necessity made it compulsory, no other place being available. These soon gave place to the log schoolhouse, and these were in turn superseded by more commodious and finer looking structures of wood and brick. Louisa Gedding doubtless taught the first school in 1830, in the house of Daniel McIntosh, Sr., at 81.50 per week and board. She is now living with her husband on Gull Prairie. William P. Gedding taught in the same house in the fall and winter of 1830, receiving as compensation $10 per month and board.

James O'Dell and Thomas Kirk built in 1835, on Section 26, the first frame schoolhouse of which we have any record. Joseph White taught in 1832 in a log schoolhouse on Young's Prairie. The schools at this early period were sustained by voluntary subscriptions, and when we consider the limited means at the command of these sturdy pioneers, we feel almost a veneration for the wisdom they displayed in securing an education for their children in preference to all things else. A school district was organized in the Casterline settlement in 1844, a log house erected and school taught that winter. Various changes of school districts were made, until there are now seven, Districts No. 5, ft" and 9 being fractional (two numbers are omitted in numbering districts), and No. 4, a graded school at Vandalia. According to the Superintendent's report for 1880, there are 512 children between the ages of five and twenty years; 133 volumes in the various libraries ; value of school property, $10,200; wages paid male teachers, $1,150; females, $991; bonded debt of the graded school, $1,800, six frame and one brick schoolhouse District No. 4 of Vandalia was organized in 1865, but the old schoolhouse was used until 1873, when a fine brick structure, costing $6,500, was erected, G. J. Townsend, P. Snyder and Amos Smith being the building committee. Jesse P. Borton, who taught the school for 6ve years, is credited with raising the standard of scholarship and much improving the school. In 1879, Mr. M. Pemberton, the present Principal, established a course- of study, and they now have a very fine school under his directorship, his assistants being Miss M. R. Thurston, Miss Lydia Burnham and Miss Rose L. Mears. The present Board of Education is C. E. Carrier, Director; H. H. Phillips, Moderator; Peter Snyder, Assessor; J. B. Bonine, John Alexander and George Longsduff.


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