Charlevoix Co MI

A little way south of Charlevoix, where M-66 climbs around a curve onto the terrace there is a lonely little old cemetery on the west side of the road. When Brookside Cemetery was established, many of these graves were moved to the new cemetery, but not all. Somewhere among the weeds and blackberry brambles, there is a grave with an East Jordan, or rather South Arm, story connected with it. Solomon lsaman came here from Olean, New York, in 1866, nearly 80 years ago. A few years later a fifteen-year-old nephew came from the old home to visit his uncle, In the midst of the winter the lad was stricken with pneumonia. The Indians living here used all their primitive remedies and methods, while Mr. Isaman started on foot for Traverse City to get medicine for the boy. He returned, to find the boy dead. A coffin was made and the body placed in it, then it was put on a hand sled and the men drew it from here to the little cemetery south of Charlevoix. They tried to mark the grave so it could be found when the deep snows were gone but were never able to locate it again.
Contributed by Patrick McCleary -- All rights reserved by Mabel E. Secord.

Cemetery Location  Township

Advance Section 30, Ridge Road, Boyne City.

Barnard Section 16, Klooster Road, Charlevoix. Marion Boyne Valley Cemetery Brookside Cemetery

Calvary Catholic Section 13, Cemetery Road, East Jordan. Catholic Section 17, Saunder Road, Eveline Chandler/Gallop Section 24, Magee Road, Boyne Falls. Clarion/Maple Hill Section 4, Maple Hill Road, Clifton Graves Behind Gallagher House (The Toy Museum)

Danny/Howard Section 31, Chandler Hill Road, Boyne Falls. Duncan/Dunkard Section 5, Country Club Road, Walloon Lake. Dyer Section 4, Camp Road, Boyne City. Bay

Evangeline/Griffin Cemetery

Grand Army of the Republic Section 35, Charlevoix. Part of Brookside Cemetery. Greensky Indian Sec 20, Old US-31 Rd South, Charlevoix. Next to the Greensky Hill United Methodist Church

Holy Cross Section 34, Darkey Town Rd and King's Hwy, Horton Bay/Oaklawn Section 6, Horton Bay North Road, Hudson Section 14, Tower Road, Vanderbilt. Hudson

Jones Section 28, Waterman Road, East Jordan. South Arm

Knob/Knop Section 8, Behling and Wilson Roads, Boyne City.

Lakeside Section 4, M-66, East Jordan. South Arm Lewis Section 22, Healey Road, Boyne City. Wilson

Maple Lawn Cem

North Bay Cemetery Section 29, Church Road, Boyne City. Bay Norwood Section 35, Norwood Road, Norwood

Okrion/Russian Section 10, Skop Road, Boyne Falls. Old Boyne/Wilson Section 3, Division Street, Boyne City.

Protar's Grave Section 5, Kuebler Trail, Beaver Island, Protestant Section 19, Saunder Road, Eveline

Saint Augustine’s Section 10, Thumb Lake Road, Boyne Falls. Saint James Township Section 22, off King’s Highway Saint Mary’s Catholic Section 35, Stover Road, Charlevoix Sunset Hill Cemetery

Todd Section 28, Fuller Road, East Jordan. Wilson

Undine Cemetery