Ashmun Street Bridge 1940's from Paul Petosky

The Ashmun Street Bridge is a trussed steel arch bridge. According to MDOT, it is 42 feet wide and 257 feet in length. A plaque is present on the bridge, which identifies that the bridge was built in 1935, by Fry and Kain Inc, and Robert Hudson. The bridge was built jointly by the state of Michigan and the federal government. The plaque also mentions that the bridge was built with the cooperation of the Michigan Northern Power Company, most likely because the canal was the property of the power company. Inside the arches, it carries two lanes and a left turn lane. Cantilevered sidewalks are present on both sides outside the arches. Guardrails for the road appear to have been added, as they are of a modern style. There originally were no guardrails for cars on the bridge. The only guardrails on the bridge would have been on the sidewalks. The pedestrian guardrails on the bridge are an attractive standard Michigan design, often seen on bridges from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Ashmum Street Bridge 1950's by Paul Petosky