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Postcard & Information contributed by Paul Petosky

Point Iroquois Lighthouse"

Located a few miles west of Bay Mills.

Construction began in 1855 and was completed the following year. Charles Caldwell was the first Keeper-In-Charge.

Bay Mills was named from its location on Waiska Bay; James Norris & Company established a lumber business in 1875; Frank Perry became its first postmaster on May 23, 1879; after the fire destroyed the Hall & Munson lumber mills in 1904, the village began to vanish. The post office closed on November 30, 1909.

List of postmasters that served at the Bay Mills Post Office. (13 October 1886)

Frank Perry 23 May 1879
William K. Parsille 05 June 1884
Theodore I. Pease 07 February 1901
Thomas Bailey 07 June 1901
Cyrus Munson 15 June 1905
Robert L. Kerr 14 February 1908
Willoughby L. Schribner 30 July 1909 - 30 November 1909

The Bay Mills Post Office discontinued operation on November 30, 1909; with mail service to RFD Brimley.

This is the

actual signature of

William K. Parsille

dated November 28, 1888.

Postmaster from June 5, 1884 to February 6, 1901.

This is a Bay Mills Post Office postmark, dated November 6, 1886.
It was mailed from the Bay Mills Post Office to the Postmaster at Whitefish Point.

Contributed by Paul Petosky

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