Chippewa County MI

"For a Border Highway"

To all who advocate a Washington-Alaskan highway via the Canadian coast, may I remind and suggest a more pressing need at the moment, and that is a boundary line highway along the Canadian and United States boundary line on the United States side, close enough to the line to be patrolled, policed in air, on land and sea to the defense of the laws and people of this nation.

This highway should extend from coast to coast, past that part of the Great Lakes where it is possible to so construct it, and most assuredly from the West Coast to that point on Drummond Island called Maxton, which is a west northwest point in the State of Michigan adjacent to the north passage and north of Lake Huron. The states east of this point may not need the full construction of this highway but feel all the thirteen states of the boundary line need the service this highway will afford.

This boundary line highway would of necessity need airway island or airports for the landings of scout airplanes of the government and the airplanes entering from foreign airways, to be searched for lawful entry. These airport islands should be modern in detail of airplane defense and service, acting also as a center to the highway patrol of that immediate vicinity. This highway and its function will offend no one who agreeed that laws are made for the well-being of the nation in which they operate and when conditions are so adjusted for the enforcement of tose laws. The citizens of the nation are not blind to the loose protection heretofore accorded on the north boundary line, from undesirable entries of all kinds. Entries made without law are, rightly, under a question of value. An may I add, so are departures.

The P.W.A. can give the nation a real service by so constructing a highway along that north line of states and thereby give employment to a nation that needs it at home before it is transplanted to foreign soil, foreign improvements, and foreign advantages. We have our airplanes to link Alaska to its native shore, and airport islands at Sea can be constructed to serve to that end in view..

Seattle Daily Times 17 Aug 1935 - Mildred Johanning


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