Hulbert Township

Chippewa County MI

  Tahquamenon River Lower Falls

Main Street - Hulbert MI

Hulbert Michigan
contributed by Amber (Fuller) Jones (from the Edward Parcels family collection)

On the back is written Warners' store at Hulbert; the girls pictured are Florence Warner and Gladys Parcels, two grandchildren of Allen David Parcels; the man pictured is probably Florence Warner's dad, George Warner, married to Allen David's daughter Caroline Parcels.

Ken Slater

Holding a Fawn

The Hunter & Love Railway (circa 1913)

Ran Between Soo Junction to Hulbert

Contributed by Paul Petosky

Called Hotel Hulbert in the 1940's on the top
Hotel Tahquamenon 1915 on the right
Modern Rooms $1.25 $1.27.
WithBath $2.25.
Home Cooking, Steaks a Speciality.
Tennis, Lawn Golf.
Nearest Hotel to Tahquamenon Falls.
Good Fishing.
J.C.Hunter, Prop. Reached over M-28

Contributed by Paul Petosky

Hulbert, MI (Tahquamenon Hotel - Bedroom) (1940s) Contributed by Paul Petosky

Hulbert, MI (View of the lake from Hulbert Lake Lodge) (1940s)
Contributed by Paul Petosky

Tahquamenon Falls Boat - contributed by Gary Foster

Hulbert MI - Cady's Cove - Cabins 1957 - contributed by Paul