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James W. Curran

International Ferry

New Ferry Scheduled to Operate June 15

The "James Curran", new international ferry at the Saults, will be placed in operation about June 15, 1947. Capt. Boyd Rintoul, International Transit Company manager company manager said. The "James Curran" will be a 20-car ferry similar to the "Agoming" which is now operating between the Saults.
(From the Ironwood Daily Globe 5 June 1947)

**James Watson Curran ( 1865-1952 ), author of the book, "America's Strangest Story" written in 1939.

This abstract reads "The editor of the daily newspaper in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Curran was mainly responsible for investigating and publicizing the discovery by a prospecter of the Beardmore Viking arms in a grave north of Lake Superior. It was Curran who obtained recantations by two men who had claimed to have participated in faking the objects; Curran presented rebuttal affidavits by witnesses. The core of this book was published in his newspaper but here is supplemented."

(History contributed by Paul Petosky)
Vessel Name: James W. Curran
Nationality: Canada / Official # 176167
Built in Collingwood Ontario by Collingwood Shipyards Ltd. in 1947
Length 103' / Width 34' / Depth 8.16' / Gross Tonnage 189.00 / Hull Steel #00143
Owner: 1947-1963 International Transit Co. Ltd. Sault Ste Marie MI - Reg. Canada
Owner: 1963-1964 Ontario Dept. Hwys. (Twp. Amherst Island Toronto) - Reg. Canada

Foundered during a squall 18 miles north of Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, in tow of tug G.W. Rogers on May 9, 1964, while bound for Kinston Ontario. No lives were lost