Gallery of Memories

Paradise,MI (Kitto's Restaurant) (1950s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Kitto's Restaurant, Paradise, MI (circa 1940-1950) From Paul Petosky

Paradise, MI (Little Tahquamenon Falls) (1930s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Janke's Tavern 1950's

The Only Hand Hewed Log Cocktail Lounge in Michigan.

Located in the Heart of the Tahquamenon Falls area.

Hunting-Fishing-Swimming and a Photographers Paradise.

Milford & Alta Jenke, Host & Hostess.

Contributed by Paul Petosky

Paradise, MI (Martin's Tavern) (1956) - contributed by Paul Petosky

Paradise, MI (Martin's Tavern) (Interior View) (1940s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Silver Creek Station located between
Paradise and Eckerman on Hwy. M-123.
(circa 1940s)

Contributed by Paul Petosky

U.S. Post Office & Barnes Shopping Center
Paradise, MI.
Loacted on Hwy. M-123,
Gateway to the Tahquamenon Falls (1965)

Contributed by Paul Petosky

Between Paradise & Hell Michigan 1966 - contributed by Paul Petosky

Ferguson's Cedar Lodge
Motel & Housekeeping Cottages, Paradise, MI. ( circa 1950s).

14 Beautiful Rustic Modern Units. On Lake Superior's Whitefish Bay. Swimming for children and adults. Beautiful lounge with tv. Located on Hwy. M-123 in the Heart of Hiawatha Land, 11 miles from Tahquamenon Falls, one of Michigan's most beautiful water falls. Excellent hunting and fishing. Owned and operated by Frank B. & Florence Ferguson

Curley's Motel & Cabins, Paradise, MI (1950's - 1960s).
One of Michigan's Finest, 11 miles east of the Tahquamenon Falls on Whitefish Bay. 33 units.
contributed by Paul Petosky