News and Gossip

1918 - January 15 Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 5

Many of the people are busy pressing hay in the vicinity.
The county snow plow and roller passed through here Friday enroute to Kelden.
Noble Heath of Kelden was a business caller here Friday.
Oscar Branders of Oak Ridge Park, was here on business Thursday.
Edward Doll was a Pickford caller Friday.
Wm. and Charles Mitten took a load of hay to the Soo last week.
Archie Carriere of Kelden was here Friday on business.
Jerry Bergeron who has been sick with pneumonia, is improving daily.
Arthur White of this place, made a trip to the Soo this week.
Several McCarron people were here Friday evening.
Mr. Belmore and Mr. Levietor of Kelden were Barbeau callers Monday.
Gladys Walker of Kelden spent a few days here last week.
D. N. Campbell of the Soo spent a few days here, looking over his timber. jobs, and also made a trip to Kelden.
Mr. Benoit of Kelden passed here Thursday morning on his way to the Soo. He returned Friday with a load of baggage.
Dan Lavender of Kelden was a caller here Friday afternoon.
George McLeod stayed here overnight on his way to Oak Ridge on account of bad roads.
Sam Walker of Kelden has been here on business for a few days.
Laurins and Evangiliste Bergeron made a trip to the Soo Saturday.
N. Barton called at the home of Joseph Seales Sunday.
Johnnie Reid of McCarron was a caller here Friday.
Wm. Trickew of McCarron was a caller here Friday.
Mrs. A. Norton called on Mrs. Charles Scales Saturday afternoon.