Michigan Trails through Chippewa County

Whitefish Township

Chippewa County MI

Whitefish Township was organized on October 12, 1888 an area of 335 square miles. Only one main highway runs into this location, M-l23. Whitefish is bounded on the west by Luce County, on the north and east by Lake Superior and on the south by Hulbert and Chippewa townships. A combination of geography, location, climate and size have all contributed to making this isolated region an important one throughout its history.

It is known that Whitefish Point got its name from the abundance of whitefish in Lake Superior. The Indians have been known to have used this area for over 450 years. Not only the fishing in Lake Superior but the fishing in Tahquamenon River sustained them. There was an ample supply of fur animals for both food and clothing.

Towns within Whitefish Township are Vermilion, Whitefish Point, Shelldrake, Emerson and Paradise.


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