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Clare County, Michigan

Arthur Cemetery - Township Section 15, Brand Avenue, Harrison. Arthur

Cedar View/Mennonite  Cemetery - Section 8, corner of Rogers Ave. and Stockwell Road, Harrison. Hamilton

Cherry Grove Cemetery 

Elm Grove  Cemetery - Section 12, northeast corner of Beaverton Road and Hoover Avenue, Clare. Site obliterated.  Sheridan

Evergreen/Frost  Cemetery - Township Section 20, near the corner of N. Harrison Avenue and Birch Road.  Frost

Franklin/Meridith  Cemetery - Section 13, on private propterty south of Meridith Grade and  west of Evergreen Drive in woods west of Meridith. Franklin

Freeman  Cemetery - Section 11, corner of Mannsiding Road and Grass Lake Avenue.   Freeman

Fernwood  Cemetery - Section 22, in the village of Temple, 12 miles west of the city of Harrison on M-61/Temple Road, Temple.  Redding

Garrity  Cemetery - Section 12, Trout Avenue between Stockwell and Fir Roads.  Hamilton

Garfield  Cemetery - Township Section 15, 1/8 mile north of U.S. 10 on Lake Station Avenue, Lake.  Garfield

Greenwood  Cemetery - Township/Hillcrest Section 23, corner of Old State Road, M-61 and Temple Drive.  Greenwood 

Hamilton  Cemetery - Township Section 12, 4 3/4 miles north of M-61 on Hoover Avenue, Harrison.  Hamilton

Hatton  Cemetery - Township Section 20, east side of Mullet Avenue, Harrison.  Hatton 

Kilbourn/Old Lincoln/Old  Cemetery - Township Section 32, Jackson Avenue just north of Adams Road. 2 stones.  Lincoln 

Lincoln  Cemetery - Township Section 8, Mansiding Road, Lake George.  Lincoln 

Maple Grove  Cemetery - Section 21, on Townline Lake Road just west of the Clare County fairgrounds in Harrison.   Hayes

Ott  Cemetery - Section 12, 1/2 mile north of Mannsiding Road on Bluegill Avenue to end of the road. Cemetery is about 100 yards to the east which was once Arthur Road, Harrison. Hatton

Pleasant Plains  Cemetery - Section 16, Cranberry Lake Road and Grant Avenue, Harrison.  Hayes

Saint Athanasius’  Cemetery - Section 20, Townline Lake Road adjoining and west of Maple Grove Cemetery, Harrison. Hayes

Saint Cecila’s (Cecilia) Catholic  Cemetery - Section 35, Cedar Street,  Grant

Saint John's Lutheran  Cemetery - Section 2, Gladwin Road/M-61, Gladwin. Owner: Religious: Saint John's Lutheran. Arthur

Sheridan/Wood  Cemetery - Section 6, between Dover and Adams Roads on Cornwell Avenue on the east side of the road,   Sheridan

Summerfield  Cemetery - Township Section 21, 1 1/2 miles west of Finley Lake Road on Haskell Lake Road, Harrison.  Summerfield

Surrey Cemetery - Sec. 25, 1 mile east of Farwell on Business Rt. 10, Farwell 

Thompson Cemetery - Section 8, 1/4 mile north of Beaverton on Rodgers Avenue, Clare.  Sheridan 

Wilson Grave Section 12, on bluff on southwest side of Rice Pond. Summerfield

Winterfield Cemetery - Township Section 22, Corner of Cook Avenue and Long Lake Road, Marion.  Winterfield

Woods Cemetery

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