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Clinton County, Michigan

Cemetery - Location - Township


Alward Cemetery - Lake Section 20, southeast corners of Alward and DeWitt Rds.  

Beach/Beech/Jones Cemetery - Section 19, Wacousta Road. Essex

Blood Cemetery - Section 13, southeast corner of Jason and Hollister Rds.

Boughton Cemetery - Section 7, on Dexter Trails off Price Rd at end of Church Rd.

Bray Cemetery - Section 27, Lowell Road at foot of Taft Road. Clinton Bengal 

Catholic Cemetery - Section 16, Scott Street, Saint Johns. Site no longer exists.

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens - Section 36, 4444 W. Grand River Watertown

Cushman Family Cemetery - Section 19. Was on the Ira Cushman farm near the s.e. corner of Chandler and Clark Rds. Bath

DeWitt Cemetery

Diller/Schoolhouse Cemetery - Section 32, DeWitt Road at Banner Road.

Duplain Cemetery

East Plains Cemetery - Section 30, Clintonia/County Line Road off Colony Road.

Eddy Section 15. Was located on the north side of the river in Eagle Twp.

Elsie Village Cemetery - Section 11, W. Main Street, in Elsie. Duplain

Eureka Cemetery - Section 11, Hyde Road west of Eureka. Greenbush

French Cemetery - Was located in section 28. Site obliterated. Greenbush

Frink Cemetery - Section 2, W. Walker Road across from Paul Nobis. Bengal 

Gardner Cemetery - Section 6, southeast corner of Kinley and Airport Roads.

Georgia Cemetery - Section 35, Centerline Road just east of Lowell Road. Bengal

Gunnisonville Cemetery

Hager/Wagar/Wager Cemetery - Sec. 36, on Kinley Rd between Bauer and Wright Rds north of Fowler on east side of Kinley Rd. Lebanon

Hurd Cemetery - Section 20, n.w. corner of DeWitt and Stoll Rds. south of DeWitt.

Lemm/Wilsey Cemetery - Section 35, on Bond Road 1/2 mile north of Round Lake Road.

Lowe Cemetery - Section 23, Lowe Road. Essex 

Maple Grove Cemetery - Sec 12, Elm St. Ovid

Maple Rapids Village Cemetery - Section 8, Washington Street, Maple Rapids. Essex

Merrihew Cemetery - Section 5, north side of Price Road, east of DeWitt Road. Olive

Most Holy Trinity Cemetery - se corner of Grange and Walker Rds west of Fowler.

Mount Rest/Saint John's Cemetery 

Niles Cemetery - Section 23, south of Eden Trail, Eagle. Eagle

North Eagle Cemetery 

Oak Ridge Cemetery - Section 30, Taft Road off corner of Wacousta Road. Bengal

Oakwood Cemetery - Section 5, Maple Rapids. Site no longer exists. Essex

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Prairie Cemetery - Section 36, W. Colony Road west off Airport. Essex

Reed Cemetery

Richmond Cemetery - Section 23, in Swagart field. Greenbush

Riverside Cemetery

Riverside/Wacousta Cemetery - Sec. 17, off Wacousta Rd on Corrison Rd, southeast of Wacousta near the Looking glass River. Watertown

Rose Cemetery 

St Mary's Cemetery - Section 8, Price Road, west of Westphalia. Westphalia

St Paul's Cemetery - Lutheran Sec 36, south of Fowler on east side of Wright Road.

St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery - Sec 7, behind church on Church Rd, just east of Dexter Trail.

Soule/Sowle/Stoll Cemetery - Sec 9, nw corner of Island and Essex Center Rds.

South Bingham Cemetery - Sec 28, northeast corner of Taft and County Farm Rds.

South Ovid Cemetery - Sec 29, off the southwest corner of Parks and St. Clair Rds.

South Riley Cemetery - Sec 35, east side of Lowell Road about 1/2 mile north of Cutler Rd.

Stilson Cemetery - Sec 9, off southeast corner of Price and Saint Clair Roads.  

Union Home Cemetery - Sec 8, W. Maple Rapids Road between DeWitt Road and US-27.  

Wager Cemetery

Wilsey Cemetery - DeWitt, Clinton Co MI

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