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Frederic, MI (Au Sable Hotel) (1940s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Grayling, MI (Shoppenagon's Inn & Hotel) (1936) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Grayling's latest reason for feeling proud of itself is Shoppenagon's Inn, named after the old Indian who for years and years was the guide of every really enthusiastic trout fisherman on the Au Sable, and whose study character brought him fame and friendships which spread far beyond the confines of Grayling. This hotel, erected by a company of Grayling business men, is a handsome two-story brick structure, believed to be large enough to meet the demands of a town the size of Grayling for several years to come, and like everything else that Grayling is doing nowadays. It is thoroughly up-to-date. The hotel is to be managed by C.C. Fink, for several years past, the manager of the Michigan Central calling house and hotel conducted in connection with the station there, and with the opening of the hotel to the public the famour old eating house is to be discontinued.

It was at this Inn that the program of the day closed. A complimentary banquet to the Bay Cityans had been provided by the Grayling Board of Trade and the hotel company and in order to accomadate all the visitors long tables were arranged, not only in the dining room but also in the lobby of the hotel. A table in the front of the loby was occupied by the speakers and a few of the officials of the two commercial bodies. The Bay Cityans filled the dining room and a part of the lobby and a few members of the Grayling Board ofTrade occupied the remaining seats. There were so many visitors that the hotel could not provide for all the Grayling people at this opening event, so the people of Grayling will have another opening, all their own, Saturday evening. After the dinner had been served a program of speeches by Bay Cityans and Grayling people followed, T.W. Hanson acting as toastmaster. Hans Petersen, mayor of Grayling, welcomed the visitors and Mayor Kelton made a most fitting response, "Bay City" being his subject. He was followed by O.E. Sovereign, who spoke on Co-operation" and outlined what the Bay City Board of Commerce has done through following the plan of all working for one object, and then pointed out numerous ways in which Bay City and grayling can co-operate for the good of all northeastern Michigan.

Melvin A. Buick next spoke on Grayling, giving a short resume of its history from the time of the first little lumber camp. "Reciprocity" was the subject assigned to W.F. Jennison, and he was followed by one of the most interesting events on the program, an impeersonation of Shoppenagons by R.S. Babbitt, of Grayling's game warden and a life long friend of the old Indian. C.T. Clark, manager of the Dupont plants at Grayling and Bay City in the course of an address that rang with patriotism, announced some things which were good news to both Grayling and Bay City. "Our plant in Grayling" he said in part, "has proved most successful. I can say without fear of contradiction that it is not only the most complete an d most successful plant of its kind in the United States but also in the world, and plans have been made, and await only the final approval, for triping the capacity of the present Grayling plant and our Bay City plant, too, is to be enlarged and remodeled so as to make it as modern to operate as the plant in this city."

Home E. Buck spoke on "Reminiscenses", and Rasmus Hanson the man who with his business partners, has made Grayling, told of the splendid dassistance given in his work by the men who had invested their money with him and then spoke upon on etopic which is Mr. hanson's hobby and which has made him beloved by all. One sentence expresses that idea. It is that "The employer is only the agent of the men who work for him and if, in the final disposition of the product the producer does not do his fair share of the profits, neither will prosper. Following Mr. Hanson there were short speeches by a number of other people who were not on the official program. Oscar P. Schumann, published of the Grayling Avalanche, issued in the afternoon a splendied special edition in his paper which was illustrated with several of the Bay Cityans and Graylingites who were speakers at the banquet and which contained good descriptions of the new hotel and of the Dupont plant.
April 28, 1916 Bay City Times

Grayling MI - Shoppenagons Inn 1940's - Contributed by Paul Petosky



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