CHAPUT-MORAN--MISS OLIVINE MORAN BRIDE OF L. CHAPUT--Ceremony Performed This Morning at Catholic Church. Miss Olivine Lenore Moran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Moran of Wakefield, was married here to Leo Chaput, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chaput of Hardwood, Mich., at 8 o'clock this morning. The Rev. Thomas Drengacz performed the ceremony at the St. Mary's Catholic church. Miss Moran wore a suit of blue with blue accessories. Her corsage was of red roses. A sister, Miss Phyllis, of Chicago, was attired in a grey suit with dubonnet accessories and she wore a corsage of tea roses. John Pollard of Thomaston was the bridegroom's attendant. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served to relatives and immediate friends at the Moran home. Out of town guests were the bridegroom's parents and sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chaput Miss Marie and Carol Jean Chaput, and the bride's sister, Miss Phyllis. The newlyweds left this afteroon for Hermansville, Mich., where Mr. Chaput is employed by the state highway department.--Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood, MI., April 10, 1937

HASSEFORT-GRIES-- Ramona Gries, formerly of Colby and Cherokee, and George Hassefort were married on May 27 atIron Mountain, Mich., and are now making their home in Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Strebig of Medford were their attendants. The bride had been a bartender at Klossner’s on Highway 13, Medford.--Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 22 June 1950; transcribed by Marla Zwakman

HEDBERG-RYAN--Miss Minnie Ryan, Felch, Mich., and Joe Moe Hedberg, Superier, were married Tuesday at the parsonage of Norwegian Danish Lutheran church. The Rev. P.O. (?)aurhammer read the service. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Beseth, Madison, Wis., attended the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Hedberg will make their home in northern Michigan.--Rockford Daily Register Gazette, Rockford, Ill., July 28, 1926

HORTON-HAYWOOD--IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. - Miss Artie H. Haywood and Lester S. Horton were married Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haywood of Russell, Iowa. --Source: Duluth News Tribune (Sunday, 17 Aug. 1913) transcribed by FoFG mz

 KRAMER-HOOLIHAN--MISS HOOLIHAN WEDS MICHIGAN YOUNG MAN--Kaukauna--Miss Elizabeth Hoolihan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hoolihan, 127 W. Eigth-st., and Paul A. Kramer of Sagola, Mich., son of Mrs. Adice Kramer, were married at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning in St. Mary church. The couple was attended by Miss Cecelia Hoolihan and Anthony Kraner. Mr. and Mrs. Kramer left Tuesday afternoon for a few days' visit with relatives in Fond du Lac and Wausau. They will reside in Sagola, Mich. A quiet reception for relatives was held at the bride's home following the ceremony. A wedding dinner was served to 24 guests. Those from out of the city who attended were Mrs. Adice Kramer, Sagola, Mich; Mr. and Mrs. John Kramer, Chamming, Mich; Mrs. R. T. Ryan, Green Bay.--Appleton Post Cresent, July 2, 1924

LANNET-BROADLAND--FORMER PAYNESVILLE MAN WED AT SAGOLA--Paynesville — Announcement has been made here of the marriage of Miss Claire Broadland, Sagola, to Sulo Lannet, Sagola, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Lannet, Paynesville at the Sagola Lutheran church June 14, with the Rev. Jay Logan officiating. The couple will live at Sagola, where the bridegroom is employed At the wedding were the mother of the bridegroom, and a brother, Ainer--Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood, MI., July 9, 1941

LINDEBORG-HIGGINS--IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. - Miss Laura Higgins and Andrew N. Lindeborg were married Thursday evening at the home of the bride's mother, the Rev. William Roberts officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Lindeborg left for a trip to Boston, Mass., and will be at home in this city after Sept. 1.--Source: Duluth News Tribune (Sunday, 17 Aug. 1913) transcribed by FoFG mz

(Above: Miss Shirley Izzo and Ronald MacKechnie)

MACKECHNIE - IZZO --Miss Shirley Izzo and Ronald MacKechnie will exchange nuptial vows Friday evening, Sept. 5, before the Rev. H.G. Whitfield at First Presbyterian church. Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Izzo of Iron Mountain, Mich., resides here at 904 North Church street and is a graduate of St. Anthony hospital school of nursing. Ronald is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John MacKechnie, 1720 2nd avenue. --Rockford Register-Republic, August 8, 1947

MARSH-SCHAEFER--ROMANCE OF OCEAN--JOHN MARSH OF IRON MOUNTAIN WINS PRETTY BRIDE--ALSATION STEALS HIS HEART--Girl Was Without Money or Friends and Intentions of Lover Were at First Questioned Iron Mountain,--April 2--John Marsh is one of the substantial business men of Iron Mountain and that he should be the hero in a romance is one of the features of real life that makes it stranger than fiction. He is a principal in one of the strangest events of the sea over chronicled and he has returned from a recent visit to Europe, whither he went a single man without thought of changing his condition to return to his home acccompanied by a winsome wife.  When Maria Dondner, a 19-year-old Alsation girl, took passage on the North German Lloyd liner Koenig Albert, which arrived one day last week, she was maid to the family of Jacob Schaefer, the billardist. When the voyage was begun, the girl had as much an idea of becoming a bride (?) as much as she had of being an empress. She had never seen John Marsh before the steamship started, and he had never seen her. Marsh was a first cabin passenger. Toward the end of the trip he had seen enough of the pretty Alsation to convince him that she was desirable as a wife. He communicated his ideas to the Schaefer family, a meeting was arranged between him and the object of his affections, and very soon he announced that his suit had been successful.  When the boarding officers went on the ship Miss Wichmann, one of the women inspectors, saw the young girl, who appeared to be alone, and asked what she intended to do when landed. The girl answered innocently that she did not know. The inspector became suspicious, and, when she sought more information, the girl said she intended to be married to one of the first cabin passengers.  The idea seemed to be so preposterous, as the girl said she was without means and without friends, that she was directed to go to Ellis island. Then Marsh stepped in and insisted that she he allowed to land with the other first class passengers, as he would marry her in the very first hour off the boat; but the girl was obliged to go to Ellis island.  Marsh immediately after landing rushed to procure a pass that entitled him to admission at the Ellis island. An inspector had been sent to the North German Lloyd office to ascertain if Marsh was sufficiently interested to procure a pass, and he and Marsh met there. When they arrived at the island the inspector assured his fellows that Marshed seemed in earnest and that a marriage ought to be allowed at once.  A minister was summoned, and with Inspector Thompson and Matron Stucklin as witnesses, the ceremony was performed. Then the happy couple departed for their home in this city.--Saginaw News, Saginaw, MI., April 2, 1903

OHARA-CLARKE--YPSILANTI, Mich. - Miss Grace Clark and Donald O'Hara were married in this city Wednesday evening. They will make their home at Iron Mountain.--Source: Duluth News Tribune (Sunday, 17 Aug. 1913) transcribed by FoFG mz

WIRTY-ZIMMERMAN--Announcements have been receiveed of the marriage of Mrs. Elizabeth Zimmerman of Gile to George Wirty of Quinnesec, Mich. The wedding was an event of last week and the ceremony was performed at the Methodist Episcopal church in Iron Mountain. Miss Anna Zimmerman attended the bride and Leslie Wirty acted as best man.  The bride was attired in a gown of pearl gray georgette and wore a hat to match. Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served to the immediate relatives and friends of the couple. The home was attractive with peonies and roses arranged about the rooms. Later in the day, Mr. and Mrs. Wirty left for a honeymoon trip to Chicago. Before returning to their home in Quinnesec, they will spend some time at the home of relatives in Ironwood. They will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Martin, West Aurora street. --Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood, MI., July 8, 1926