Hardwood, Dickinson County: a station on the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, in Breen Township; named by principal proprietors, the Menominee Hardwood & Shingle Company, in 1884; company manager James H. Walton became its first postmaster on July 23, 1891; it was in Menominee County until Dickinson was organized in 1891, its post office being transferred on Oct. 1, 1891. (GSM 1893; PO Archives).

--Michigan Place Names, Walter Romig, publisher, Grosse Point Michigan, 1905

Hardwood, Dickinson County, Michigan. The name was taken from a Iong established postoffice of the vicinity. That was named because it was located in a dense hardwood forest.

--A history of the origin of the place names connected with the Chicago & North Western and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha railways .. Stennett. William H., Chicago, 1908


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