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Genesee County

Cemetery Listing

Cemetery Location County Township

Adonijah/Asahel/Atherton Section 4, Gaines. Abandoned.  Argentine
Adonijah/Atherton Was located in section 28, Atherton and Center Roads, Flint. 
   Bodies removed to Evergreen in Grand Blanc.   Burton
Adventine/Aventine Section 7, Lewis and Geneseret Roads,  Burton
All Saints Section 29, Groveland Avenue, Flint. G  Burton
Argentine Sec 26, 1/2 mile e. of Argentine Rd on Silver Lake Rd, 
    north side of street, Linden.  Argentine
Assyrian Section 33, Branch Road and Plainfield Avenue, Flint.  Burton
Atlas/Atlas Community Baptist Church Section 8, Gale Road behind 
Atlas Community Baptist Church,   Atlas
Avondale Cem.

Beach Section 10, W. Court Street near Church Street, Flint. Moved to Flint City Cemetery.  Burton
Beautiful Peace Memory Gardens/Lovedale Memorial/Peace Memory Gardens Section 26, 5175 
    E. Bristol Road, Flint. Burton
Bendle/Clayton Township Section 10, Beecher Road, one-quarter mile west of Seymour Road.  Clayton
Bethel Section 12, Walker Street, Mount Morris
Biglow/Hill Road Section 10, W. Hill Road, Flint.  Mundy
Bristol/South Flint Section 26, on the north side of Bristol Road west of the
    U.S. 23 Expressway between  and Torrey Road,   Flint

Calvary Catholic/Old Calvary Section 11, east side of Ballenger Hwy. just north of McLaren General Hospital 
   at Chatfield Street, Flint. South boundary of the cemetery is the Flint River.   Flint
Calvary/Saint Mary's Calvary Catholic Section 7, Saint Mary's Street, Mount Morris.  Genesee
Campbell Cemetery
Cha-wa-use-skah-keaug/Crapo Farm/Chippewa Nation Indian Section 10, 
   off S. Seymour Road, Swartz Creek.  Gaines
Cottage Cemetry 
Crestwood Cemetery 
Cronk/West Flint Section 7, Beecher Road,    Flint

Dart Family Section 14, off W. Grand Blanc Road, Swartz Creek.   Gaines
Davison Section 3, on E. Potter Road 1/4 mile east of M-15,  Davison
Dodge/Flint River Sec. 11, on the west side of N. Henderson Rd 1/2 mile n. of Stanley Road, Davison. Richfield

Eastwood Memorial Gardens (Genesee Memorial Gardens/Meadowview Memorial Gardens) 
    Section 34, State Road/M-15, Davison. Richfield
Embury/Oakwood Section 23, McCandlish and Leach,   Grand Blanc
Evergreen Cemetery

Fairview Section 20, High and Tickners Road, Linden. Fenton
Fenton Township/Prospect Hill/Old City Section 35, Davis and Rockwell Streets,  Fenton
Flint City/Old City Section 7, Lewis and Avon Streets, Flint. Site obliterated.   Burton
Flint Hebrew Cemetery Association/Machpelah Section 33, Branch Road and Layton Blvd.  Genesee
Flint Memorial
Flint Municipal/New City Section 5, Linden and Pasadena Roads, F  Flint
Flushing Roman Catholic/Saint Robert's Catholic Section 28, W. Carpenter Road,   Flushing
Flushing Section 26, Coutant and Deland Street, Flushing. 

Gage Section 1, Fenton Road, Fenton.   
Genesee County Poor Farm Section 30, S. Saginaw Road, Flint.   Burton
Genesee Memorial Gardens (Eastwood Memorial Gardens/Meadowview Memorial Gardens) 
    Section 34, State Road/M-15, Davison.  Richfield
Glenwood Cemetery
Goodrich Section 15, Seneca Street, Goodrich.  Atlas
Genesee Township/Oakdale/Stanley Section 8, Stanley Road, Mount Morris.   Genesee
Gibson/Maple Section 9, E. Hill Road,   Grand Blanc
Gracelawn Cemetery
Grand Blanc Baptist Church Section 9, S. Saginaw Road/M-54.
    Site obliterated.  e Grand Blanc
Halsey/South Grand Blanc Section 33, Halsey Road,  e Grand Blanc
Hitchcock/Upton Section 3, E. Mount Morris Road, Mount Morris.  Genesee
Horton Section 32, S. Gale Road, Goodrich.  Atlas

Kearsley Section 35, Richfield Road. Site no longer exists.  Genesee
Kimball/Martin Section 5, Linden and O'Dell Roads. Abandoned.   Fenton
Kitchen/Pine Grove Section 34, Pine Grove Road.  Davison

Long Branch (Long Lake Landing) Section 2, N. Long Lake Road, Fenton.  
Long Lake Landing (Long Branch) Section 2, N. Long Lake Road, Fenton.
Lovedale Memorial (Beautiful Peace Memory Gardens/Peace Memory Gardens) 
     Section 26, 5175 E. Bristol Road, Flint.  Burton

Meadowview Memorial Gardents (Eastwood Memorial Gardens/Genesee Memorial Gardens)
    Section 34, State Road/M-15, Davison.  Richfield
Montrose Section 15, north side of W. Vienna Road between McKinley and Seymour Roads, 
   east of the village of Montrose.  Montrose
Mount Hope/Pearsall Section 28, W. Cook Road, Rankin.  Mundy
Mount Morris Section 12, W. Mount Morris Road,  Mount Morris

New Calvary 

Oakwood Section 31, Clinton Street,   Gaines
Oakwood Cemetery
Odell (O'Dell) Section 26, W. Baldwin Road, Fenton.  Mundy

Pierce Section 32, W. Baldwin Road, Linden.   Mundy
Peace Memory Gardens (Beautiful Peace Memory Gardens/Lovedale Memorial) Section 26, 
   5175 E. Bristol Road, Flint.   Burton
Perry McFarlan Cemetery
Pine Run/Vienna Section 14, west side of N. Saginaw Road/M-54/Dixie Hwy. just north of Vienna Road, Clio.  Vienna

Richfield Union/White Section 30, Irish Road, one-half mile north of Richfield Rd. Richfield
River Rest/River Rest Section 5, Flushing Road, Flint.  
Russian Orthodox (Saint Nicholas/Saint Nichols') 
    Section 29, Groveland Avenue, Flint.  Genesee

Saint John's Catholic Section 26, N. Adelaide and Wood Streets,   Fenton
Saint John's Catholic Section 27, on the northwest corner of the intersection of Richfield and Oak Roads,
     1 mile east of State Road, Davison.  Richfield
Saint Joseph's Catholic Section 31, Baldwin Road,  Gaines
Saint Mary's Catholic Section 2, Crapo Street, Swartz Creek. Genesee Gaines 
Saint Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Section 29, Groveland Avenue, Flint.   Genesee
Saint Michael’s Catholic Martin Luther King, Jr. and Wood Streets, Flint. 
   Moved in 1960 to Calvary Catholic Cemetery.  Flint
Saint Nicholas (Saint Nichols'/Russian Orthodox) Section 29, Groveland Avenue, Flint.   Genesee
Smith-Hill Cemetery 
Sunset Hills Section 4, Flushing Road, Flint
Swartz Creek Section 36, S. Morrish Road, Swartz Creek. Clayton
Sweers Section 26, Henderson Road, Goodrich. Abandoned.   Atlas

Tanner Section 24, N. Belsay Road, south of Carpenter Road, Flint.   Genesee
Thetford Section 21 and 22, N. Center Road, 1/4 mile south of Vienna Road, Clio.  Thetford
Tupper Section 19, original location on Reuben Tupper Farm, Atherton Road near South Saginaw Road. 
   Abandoned, removed to Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, 3rd Ave. entrance. Site no longer exists.  Burton

West Vienna Section 29, south side of Wilson Road just east of Webster Road, Clio.  Vienna
Woodlawn Cem.