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Gladwin County, Michigan

Arbutus Cemetery - Section 35, Howard/Oil Field Road, Gladwin.  Buckeye

Beaverton City Cemetery - Sec 12, W. Brown St, city of Beaverton. Beaverton

Billings Township/Free Will Baptist Cemetery - Section 14, Estey Road, Beaverton.

Bourret Township Cemetery - Section 10, School Road. Bourret

Butman Cemetery - Section 7, Cemetery Road, Gladwin. Butman

Catholic/Sacred Heart Cemetery - Section 30, Pratt Lake Road, Gladwin

Dale Cemetery - Section 21, Freeman Road, Beaverton.  Tobacco

Gladwin/Hill Cemetery - Sec 1, Buzzel Rd/Cemetery St, city of Gladwin. Grout

Grout Twp. Cemetery -  Sec 10, Gedney Road, Gladwin.  

Highland Cemetery - Section 1, Buzzel Road, city of Gladwin.   Grout

Hope Lutheran Cemetery - Section 13, Rhodes Road, Rhodes.   Bentley

McClure Cemetery - Section 15, McClure Cemetery/Littleton Road,   Gladwin

New Rhodes Cemetery - Section 2, north of Cummings Road, Rhodes.  Bentley

Park Cemetery

Rhodes Cemetery - Section 2, Cummings Road, Rhodes.  Bentley

Ridge Cemetery - Sec 30, Pratt Lake Rd, Gladwin

Secord Lutheran Cemetery - Sec 28, 500 ft north of Ridge Rd on Sugar River. Secord

Skeel Cemetery - Section 29, Renas Road, Gladwin.   Sherman

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