Chase Osborn
Michigan Governor 1911 - 1913

Chase Osborne Signature while he was Postmaster of Sault Ste Marie 1889-1893
Signature contributed by Paul Petosky (Postmarks from the Past)



In the year 1883, H.D. Fisher of Florence, Wis., owned several mines and a newspaper. He knew how to manage the mines, but couldn't run the paper, and asked me to send him a likely newspaper man. I sent him a young reporter on the Milwaukee Wisconsin. It wasn't long before he owned the paper and was the most popular man in Florence. He edited his paper, the local and political pages, did job work, and when the apprentice was on a vacation swept the office. A few years of good management put $15,000 in his pocket. Then he bought the Sault Ste. Marie News and some city lots and an interest in an iron mine. The young newspaper mans stepped across the line into a state reputation of an orator of unusual power, a write of much force and a business man of exceptionally good judgement.

His part narrowly escaped nominating him for congress and then made him state game and fish warden. In 1900 he was a leading candidate of the Republican party for governor. For several years he was railroad commissioner. He has remained an interest in two or three papers, has been president of the State Press association and has made hundreds of campaign speeches, and all of the time has added to his wealth by fortunate investments.

Some years ago he bought, for a small price, a mining property on Moose mountain, Michigan. His friends told him he was throwing away money in that purchase, but he hung on to the mine. Not many months ago he sold an interest in it for $250,000. He still owns enough of it and other property to make him, if not a millionaire, very well to do.

But that is not so much to rejoice over as the fact that he is a manly man whose example and good work have been of value to all about him.

The more I see of that young reporter of 1883 the better please I am with my choice of a man to take charge of H.D. Fisher's paper. His name? Chase S. Osborn, the Republican candidate for governor and doubtless the next governor of Michigan. As boy and young man Mr. Osborn did not have hald as good a chance to succeed in life as have thousands of boys and young men who will read this brief sketch of a man who has succeeded because he earned success on his merits--Col. J.A. Watrous in Chicago Record-Herald.

Contributed by Mark Seeberg --The Denver Post, CO, October 3, 1910
1910 Ad - contributed by Paul Petosky

Former Governor Chase S. Osborn, Michigan's 88 year old "elder" statesman, is preparing to leave for Georgia with the good wishes of some 200 friends who visited him last night.

Osborn is a patient in a private hospital, undergoing a final medical checkup before going to his winter home. He spent the summer at his Duck Island home on the St. Mary's River near Sault Ste. Marie Michigan (Chippewa County). The former governor underwent an eye operation in July and his physician, Dr. Alexander Blain, said he has regained partial vision after being blind for several years.

Osborn smilingly greeted old friends last night including some of his aides while he was a law-maker and then chief executive at Lansing. Friends of the former governor arranged the reception after he had said he would like to see them once again.

From the Holland Evening Sentinel 1 October 1948

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