Grand Traverse County

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Last Name Given Name Birth Date Birth Place Father's Full
Father's Place of Birth Mother's Full
Maiden Name
(if available)
Mother's place of birth Additional Information
Adell Iness 30 Jul 1868 Whitewater Hiram Adell New York Malvina New York  
Adsit Archibald 14 Oct 1868 Traverse City Benjamin Adsit United States Ellen United States  
Algeire William 2 May 1868 Long Lake Frank Algeire Germany Wilhelmina Germany  
Allen George Harry 7 Apr 1868 Traverse City Henry L. Allen        
Anderson  Vinnie M 24 Jan 1875 Fife Lake Jacob Anderson Pennsylvania Amanada M Ohio  
Atwell Frank A. 28 Apr 1868 Long Lake Albern Atwell New York Sylvia M. Ohio  
Barker William D. 15 Apr 1868 Whitewater William J. Barker Pennsylvania Eunice New York  
Bates Nancy Maybell 13 May 1868 Sec 26 T 27 NR 10 W Shamas Bates England Susan E. England  
Bauum Joseph B. 16 May 1868 Whitewater William Bauum New York Esther New York  
Baynton Thomas 5 Sep 1975 Acme Thomas Baynton England Isabella P England  
Beach Earl E 28 Dec 1875 Acme Miller D. Beach New York Maffie D. Ireland  
Beach William Hiland 8 Oct 1868 Sec 26 T 27 NR 10 W Adnez O. Beach New York Elizabeth Pennsylvania  
Beecham Kate 1 Jan 1875   Horace Beecham England Lucy G New York  
Benjamin John 18 Nov 1868 Long Lake John Benjamin New York Margaret New York  
Bigger Minnie M 4 Mar 1875 Grant Smith M Bigger Canada Abigal Nova Scotia  
Bolton Dugold 16 Mar 1875 Traverse Fity James M Bolton Canada Jane A Canada  
Breckel Charles Henry 18 Nov 1869 Peninsula Gottlieb Breckel Germany Mary D. New York  
Buchan Emma 20 Jun 1868 Peninsula William H. Buchan   Elizabeth    
Burdett James E 8 Apr 1868 Long Lake William Burdett Ireland Rose Ireland  
Burrows Edward Henry 29 May 1868 Grant John Burrows England Hannah H. Michigan  
Carroll Edward Stephen 20 Dec 1869 Peninsula Edward Carroll Vermont Jane E. Canada  
Campbell Mary Catharine 8 Nov 1868 Peninsula Kenneth Campbell Canada Elizabeth New York  
Case Oliver 22 Aug 1868 Long Lake Orrin Case Michigan Adelaide Michigan  
Chandler Gracie L 2 Nov 1875 Fife Lake David J Chandler Michigan Sarah D Michigan  
Churchill   10 Oct 1868 Traverse City ______ Churchill United States   United States male child. 
Coats Esther 7 Sept1868 Grant William Coats Canada Isabella Canada  
Cook Charlott Lena 23 Jul 1868 Grant William P. Cook England Mary Jane England
Cook Clara Eliza 13 Aug 1868 Traverse City John Cook New Jersery Martha Matilda New York  
Cook Harriett A 6 Mar 1875 Grant William P Cook England Mary J England  
Cooling Lester 8 Sep 1869 Mayfield John Cooling Ohio Francis Ohio  
Courtade Frederick Lorenz 15 Jun 1868 Sec 28 T 27 N 10 W Peter Courtade Ohio Magdalena Jordi Switzerland  
Courtade George Edward 18 Oct 1868 Sec 28 T 27 N 10 W Henry Courtade Ohio Regina Knauf Michigan  
Courtade Mary J 1 Oct 1975 East Bay Jacob Courtade
Jacobus Henri Courtade
France Elizabeth Hani Jodri Switzerland  
Crain Emogene 6 Aug 1868 Traverse City Ahira Barnum Crain New York Laura Churchill Ohio  
Creppin Melissa Ella 24 Jan 1868 Grant Wallace Creppin New York Lovina New York  
Crisp Nelle R. 16 Sep 1686 Whitewater William Crisp England Liby England  
Cross Urenia A. 8 Nov 1868 Whitewater Soyrenus Cross New York Amelia New York  
Day Clara 10 Jul 1868 Traverse City Charles Day Massachusetts Esther H. New York  
Day Frank 18 Apr 1868 Long Lake Lindsey Day Vermont Lydia M. Indiana Twin boys
Day Fred 18 Apr 1868 Long Lake Lindsey Day Vermont Lydia M. Indiana Twin Boys
Dean Minnie A 5 May 1868 Whitewater James R. Dean New York Ann New York
Dingman Cera 2 Jun 1868 Traverse City James Dingman        
Draper   Aug 1868 Traverse City Gilbert Draper Ohio Sara Michigan Male child.
Dunn Frederick D 7 Aug 1868 Traverse City Domnic Dunn        
Earle Arthur E 15 Jan 1875 Grant Roswell Earle New York Margaret Canada  
Egan John 2 Jan 1875 Grant Timothy Egan Ireland Bridgett Ireland  
Essex George L. 5 May 1868 Elk Rapids Aaron Essex New York Betsy New York May have actually been born in Antrim County
Estes Lily J. 17 May 1868 Whitewater Charles H. Estes Massachusettes Caroline New York
Franklin Edward 2 Oct 1868 Peninsula John M. Franklin Orelans County, New York Mary Jane St. Lawremce County, New York Twin boys
Franklin Milton 2 Oct 1868 Peninsula John M. Franklin Orelans County, New York Mary Jane St. Lawremce County, New York Twin boys
Foreman Francis L 31 Dec 1875 Fife Lake Frank M Foreman Michigan Isabelle Canada  
Fowle Arthur Stepney 26 Jul 1868 Traverse City William Fowle England Mary Ellen Maryland last name is given as Fowle
Fowler Frances S. 3 Oct 1868 Peninsula Curtis Fowler, Jr Vermont Margaret S. England  
Ghering Tompkins 7 Nov 1869 Peninsula Michael Ghering New York Beattie New York  
Gillis   28 Apr 1868 Traverse City John Gillis Canada Elizabeth England male child.
Gilroy   14 Aug 1868 Grant Edward Gilroy Nova Scotia Sarah Elizabeth England Twin Girls. 
Gilroy Isabella 14 Aug 1868 Grant Edward Gilroy Nova Scotia Sarah Elizabeth England Twin girls
Golden Ida May 5 Aug 1869 Peninsula Winston Golden New York Hannah E. Canada  
Gore Wilmer Alden 7 Aug 1868 Peninsula Homer W. Gore Indiana Sarah Maria St Lawrence, New York  
Hager Henry A. 1 May 1868 Traverse City William H. Hager Canada Clara Ohio  
Hargraves Arthur M G 17 Aug 1875 Blair George W Hargraves England Bridget Ireland  
Harrison Willey 13 Apr 1869 Mayfield William Harrison England Margaret England  
Hartwell Minnie M. 15 Aug 1868 Traverse City Lovekin K. Hartwell Canada Elizabeth Canada  
Haviland Merritt 19 Sep 1868 Sec 27 T 28 N10 W Joseph B. Haviland Michigan Adeline Michigan  
Herrick Herbert 24 Oct 1868 Sec 27 T 28 N 9 W Hamilton M. Herrick New York Eveline N. Michigan  
Holland John 9 May 1875 Acne Samuel Holland England Harriet Canada  
Hollopker Frank Aug 1868 Traverse City Charles Hollopker Germany Mary Germany  
Hopkins Abba E. 17 Oct 1868 Wexford Pelig C. Hopkins Peru Elizabeth Maine May have actually been born in Wexford County, but is recorded under Grand Traverse County
Hopkins Edith Lorena 1 Nov 1868 Grant Edwards J. Hopkins Pennsylvania Julia A. New York  
Hopkins James 9 Oct 1869 Peninsula Williams Hopkins England Jenny Ohio  
Horton Nelle Belle 26 May 1868 Grant John S. Horton Michigan Elizabeth Michigan  
Howard   27 Jun 1868 Grant Erastus Howard New York Philinda New York Twin Boys.
Howard   27 Jun 1868 Grant Erastus Howard New York Philinda New York Twin Boys.
Hunt Ida J 3 Nov 1875 Blair Joseph Hunt England Bridget Ireland  
Johnson William R 1 Nov 1868 Peninsula Fred L. Johnson Mexico Susanna Laugher Ireland  
Kanagy Hugh Mills 15 Aug 1868 Traverse City William Kanagy Ohio Artie Ohio  
Kendall Wilbert D. 3 Jul 1868 Grant William D. Kendall New York Bethany King Massachusetts  
Killmurry Lucey 20 Nov 1869 Peninsula James Killmurry Canada Lucy Canada  
Lancaster Clara M 9 Feb 1875 Fife Lake J B Lancaster New York Minnie J Michigan  
Landon Mary M. 14 Jun 1868 Whitewater John A. Landon New York Margret New York  
Light Ada 10 Aug 1868 Traverse City Thomas Light Canada Eliza Ohio  
Livingston Agnes 13 Nov 1868 Traverse City John Livingston Canada Mary Canada  
Lockwood Alice 25 Nov 1868 Grant Mortimer Lockwood New Jersey Alzina Michigan  
Lohr Harry 14 Nov 1875 Yuba George Lohr   Bessie McDonald Michigan Noted as illigitmate.  Father's occupation listed as Renegade.
Long Charles 27 Feb 1875 Grant Jacob Long Germany Bushby E New York  
Long Henry C 26 Sep 1868 Whitewater Almon Long Vermont Emily England  
McIwin Henry Michael 7 Oct 1869 Peninsula Hugh McIwin Canada Mary Jane Canada  
McVay James 17 Jun 1869 Mayfield David McVay New York Mary New York  
Millinaw   27 Jun 1868 Grant Orton Millinaw New Jersey Amanda Michigan Male child. 
Nelson Charles S. 4 Aug 1868 Grant Andrew Nelson Sweden Darath Sweden  
Obryan Mary Jane 28 May 1868 Mayfield James Obryan Ireland Catherine Sulivan Canada  
Parker Victor L              
Parmalee Walter Franklin 10 Feb 1869 Peninsula Theodore Parmalee Michigan Ellen Michigan  
Patching Carrie L 3 Aug 1975 Acme Leo Patching England Isabella Canada  
Platt Clarasy 5 Jul 1868 Mayfield Edwin Platt Conneticut Isabella Forks New York  
Pray Adelbert P. 15 Jun 1868 Whitewater Richard Pray New York Melinda New York  
Qunicy Levey Clark 6 Jan 1869 Peninsula Moses Quincy Ireland Jophemay Canada  
Reed Herbert William 11 Jun 1869 Peninsula John Reed Kentucky Nancy Michigan  
Reid George Ashman Nov 1868 Traverse City James W Reid   Anna    
Rheder Ada Ferdina 15 Apr 1868 Traverse City Andrew Wilhelm Rheder Bohemia Catherine Bohemia  
Richardson Lucius H 22 Jul 1875 East Bay George Richardson   Janie    
Rogers Priscilla 3 Jun 1875 Yuba John Rogers England Anna S Ireland  
Rutherford Frederick 5 Dec 1868 Traverse City Henry Rutherford New York Susan    
Sackett Henry 12 Mar 1875 Blair L G Sackett Pennsylvania Ann New York  
Smith   3 Jun 1868 Grant Allen Smith Canada Christina Canada Female child. 
Smith Cara 2 Apr 1875 Fife Lake Charles Smith New York Ella Michigan  
Smith Phida Delphena 14 Oct 1868 Traverse City George L Smith   Charlott A.    
Sparling Dora 8 Jul 1868 Mayfield William Sparling Ireland Eliza Shier Canada  
Sparling Catherine R. 18 Sep 1868 Mayfield Joseph Sparling Ireland Eliza Jane Shier Canada  
Stevenson   Dec 1868 Peninsula     Susan Stevenson England Notation in register "female, illigitimate".
Svone Freddie Bertram 17 Jul 1869 Mayfield John Svone Germany Caty Holland  
Thacker Raymond 21 Aug 1875 Yuba Henry Thacker Ohio Armetta Michigan  
Titus Sarah Anna 8 Nov 1868 Sec 23 T 28 N 10 W John Titus Pennsulvania Martha C. German  
Tompkins John Amos 26 Jun 1869 Peninsula Arron R Tompkins New York Sarah T. New York  
Travis Cora Margaret 16 Aug 1868 Traverse City John Travis        
Travis Everett 20 Jun 1875 Blair Robert Travis Canada Catherine Illinois  
Umler Ida N 11 Mar 1875 Peninsula Y. J. Umler Ohio Catherine Michigan Umlor?
Vint Anna 5 Aug 1875 Blair Samuel Vint Ireland Jane New York Twins
Vint James 5 Aug 1875 Blair Samuel Vint Ireland Jane New York Twins
Wall Minnie A. 21 May 1868 Mayfield Edward A. Wall New York Clara Pinney New York  
Warren James E. 16 Apr 1868 Peninsula John W. Warren Canada Rebecca Canada  
Watson James F. 16 Dec 1868 Whitewater Fielding Watson England Sarah Canada  
Wells Maggie 27 Aug 1868 East Bay Moses S. Wells Canada Phidelia Canada  
West Laura 6 July 1868 Peninsula Theodore H. West New York Theda M. Illinois  
Wihlem Mary 6 May 1868 Traverse City Joseph Wilhelm Bohemia Anna Bohemia  
Wilkins Charles 12 Oct 1868 Grant George Wilkins Ireland Sarah Ireland  
Willsey Grace 14 Jun 1875 East Bay Francis Willsey Ohio Inis New York  
Willsey Perry A 10 Dec 1868 Traverse City Charles Willsey Ohio Martha E Indiana  
Wilson Benjamin C 11 May 1868 Mayfield William L. Wilson New York Clara Chapel Ohio  
Winne Evert O. 2 Oct 1868 Whitewater Bradley Winne Pennsylvania Emma New York  
Winnie Augusta 18 Oct 1868 Traverse City Isaac G. Winnie New York Mary Bohemia  
Wrightman Fred W 15 Feb 1875 Blair Willis Wrightman Michigan Libbie New York  
Wynkoop Verna 11 May 1868 Mayfield Thomas Wynkoop New York Betsy R. Hingsley New York  
Youker John Henry 2 Aug 1868 Mayfield Jonas Youker New York Eliza Jane New York  
Zidz Mary Aug 1868     Bohemia      


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