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Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley , Additional information added by Alanna Fitzgerald

Acme Twp. Sec. 35, US-31 Acme Twp.

Birchwood/Hillside/Ogdensburg/Old Mission/ Sec. 10, east side of Center Rd. /M-37, Mapleton. Peninsula
Blackman Sec. 20 Bowerman Rd. Sumit City Paradise Twp.
Bohemian/Bowers Harbour/Kroupa/Old Harbor/Zoulek Section 20, Ne-ah-ta-wanta Road, Mapleton. Peninsula

Catholic Sec. 12, E. Eight Street, Traverse City. Garfield
Cedar Rapids/Williamsburg Sec. 4, Old M-72 Rd., Williamsburg. Whitewater Twp.
Circle Hill

Dell Section 26, Walton and Dell Roads, Summit City. Paradise Twp.


Fife Lake Section 11, Merritt Street, Fife Lake. Fife Lake
Fowler Section 20, Bowerman Road, Summit City. Paradise

Grand Traverse Memorial Gardens Sections 15 & 16, Rennie Hill Road, Garfield
Grant Methodist Section 27, Karlin/County Road 137 and Zue Road, Karlin. Grant
Grant Township Section 28, Karlin/County Road 137 and Ramsey Road, Karlin. Grant

Hannah/St. Mary's Section 3, Hannah Road, Hannah. Mayfield

Iilif Grave Section 12, off M-113, Kingsley. Paradise

Jenny Grave Section 34, Jackson Road, Summit City. Paradise

Koch Section 21, near Garfield Road/County Road 611, Mayfield. Paradise

Lakeside/Old Mission/Parmelee Section 26, right off Swaney Drive onto lane marked with large stone with CHASE written on it, then two-tenths of mile into woods. Peninsula

Maple Grove Section 18, Silver Lake Road/County Road 633, Grawn. Blair Twp.
Mapleton/Saint Francis'/Saint Joseph's Section 33, west side of M-37 (Center Road), Mapleton. Peninsula Twp.
Memorial Gardens
Milks Section 24, Gleaner Hall Road, Summit City. Paradise Twp.
Monroe Center
Mount Hope Section 18, US-131, 9 miles east of Honor, 1/10 mile east of Benzie Co. line, Interlochen. Green Lake

Northrup Grave Section 30, Mayfield Road. Union Twp.

Oakwood Cemetery
Old Walton Section 28, 13 graves, others moved to Walton Cemetery. Lake

Sparling Section 12, Wood Road, Kingsley. Paradise Twp.
Seegmiller Section 15, Summit Road, Summit City. Paradise Twp.
Saint Aloysius, Section 12, Merritt Street, Fife Lake. Lake Twp.
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Mapleton
St. Mary of Hannah, Hannah, Michigan
Swainston Section 34, Jackson Road, Summit City. Paradise

Walton Section 34, Elliott Road, Fife Lake. Owner:Township. Lake Twp.

Yuba Section 18, US-31, Acme Twp.

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