Fife Lake Michigan

Grand Traverse County

Postcard 1910
Contributed by Paul Petosky

This township was organized by act of the legislature in the winter of 1873, and now embraces township 25 north, range 9 west. The first supervisor was J. D. Johnson.

The village of Walton is located at the junction of the Traverse City branch of the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad with the main line, on section 33 of this township. It was located at the time of the building of the road and for a number of years was quite an important lumbering point. It is now a place of about one hundred and fifty inhabitants, and has a hotel, store and restaurant. The most important industry is the growing of cranberries by Hon. D. C. Leach, who has an extensive marsh under cultivation with this fruit.

There are three school buildings in the township outside of the village of Fife Lake.

Fife Lake Village is located on the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad, and takes its name from the lake on the border of which it is built. It was incorporated in 1889 and has a population of about seven hundred and fifty. It was once a large manufacturing point of pine lumber, and is now a very important shipping point.

There are three churches in the village, Catholic, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian. It has a graded school and a school building of four rooms, built at a cost of five thousand dollars. It has two hotels, the City Hotel and Fife Lake House, and a sawmill and a wood bowl and stave factory. It has a town hall, built at a cost of five hundred dollars, and an Odd Fellows lodge, a Good Templars lodge and a Grand Army post. It also has a live weekly newspaper, The Fife Lake Monitor. It is a neatly printed six-column quarto, in its twelfth rear of publication. It is ably edited and published by Will A. Kent, and receives a good advertising patronage from the business men of Fife Lake, South Boardman, Walton, Traverse City and Cadillac.

(Sprague's history of Grand Traverse and Leelanaw counties, Michigan edited and compiled by Elvin L. Sprague and Mrs. George N. Smith 1903)

Street Scene, Fife Lake, MI (1910) -
contributed by Paul Potesky

Fife Lake MI - State Street (1908) contributed by Paul

Fife Lake, MI (1910s) (Garage sign on the left reads: F. Olin, Proprietor) <
contributed by Paul Potesky

Fife Lake MI - Merritt St. 1910 - contributed by Paul Potesky

May 30, 1916 - Memorial Day Gathering - contributed by Paul Potesky