Gratiot County Michigan





The marriage of Mr. Edward R. Schweier to Miss Eva B. Stuttz of Alma, Michigan took place at the residence of the bride’s parents, Sandwich Ont.  Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Richard Johnston.  The attendants were Mr. H. F. P. Schneider of Alma and Miss Alice F. Pierce of West Bay City.  The wedding gifts were numerous and costly.  The happy couple left Saturday morning for their future home, Alma, taking with them the best wishes of their many friends-- Detroit Free Press -- Alma Record July 24, 1885

Mr. and Mrs. Schweier arrived here Saturday evening to again pass through a host of compliments and good wishes.  Both of the young people are well and favorably known here, standing high in the regards of Alma’s citizens and they most heartily approve the step they have taken.  Although not personally acquainted with either of the parties we have often heard their virtues extolled.  Mrs. S. being a most estimable and accomplished young lady and business qualities and sterling worth.  The Record extends hearty good wishes for their happiness through the journey of life. --Alma Record July 24, 1885

Married -- Sunday Aug 2nd at the residence of the officiating clergyman Rev. Mr. Moody, Mr. Geo Yates of St. Louis and Miss Kittie Sloane of this place.  May pleasure attend their steps through life. -- Alma Record August 7, 1885

Married in Alma, Aug. 15 by Rev J. Van Antwerp Mr. Oscar Salisbury to Miss Della Pifer, both of Seville, Mich. --Alma Record August 21, 1885

Frank M. Harrington and Miss Mina A. Vliet, both of St. Louis were united in marriage Aug. 27. -- Alma Record September 4, 1885

Married in Arcada at the home of the bride, Sept. 26 by the Rev. J. Van Antwerp, Mr. M. Morton and Miss Mary E. Clark. -- Alma Record September 18, 1885

O. E. Coleman and Ida R. Ching, both of Emerson, were married Oct. 11 -- Alma Record October 16, 1885

Miss Eunice Tuperning of Sumner, this county, and Frank Young, of Bengal were married Oct. 10. -- Alma Record October 23, 1885

October 19 Albert Davis of this place took a partner for life, Miss Bell Heffner, of Ithaca.  They were married in Grand Rapids, by the Rev Tupper of First Baptist church.  Congratulations are now in order. -- Alma Record October 23, 1885

Married in Grand Rapids, October 19 by Rev. Mr. Tupper, of the First Baptist church, Miss Josephine Day and Mr. Erwin L. Alverson, both of Alma.  The young people are both well and favorably known here and have the congratulations of a host of friends. -- Alma Record October 23, 1885

Married, Oct. 28, 1885 at the residence of the bride’s mother, (Mrs. James Wood) by the Rev. I. H. Riddick, pastor of the M. E. church of Caro, assisted by Rev. C. L. Wood of the U. B. church.  Mr. Hulbert E Brooks of Stanton, and Miss Lucretia M. Wood of Alma.  After receiving the congratulations of friends the happy couple started with the expectation of returning soon and making their home in this section. -- Alma Record November 6, 1885



Mr. Charles L. Delavan, one of the well known and popular young men of Alma, was united in marriage last week Wednesday Oct. 21, with Miss Bell Tuttle, a most estimable young lady who for some time past has taught music in St. Louis.  The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride's parents in Chelsea, the Rev. J. A. McIlwayne officiating.  The happy couple returned to Alma Friday last to receive the congratulations of their many friends who are pleased to learn that Mr. and Mrs. D. will take up their residence here. -- Alma Record October 23, 1885


Married, Sunday evening Nov. 8, by Justice Yerington, Delmack Stevens and Irene Cook of St. Louis. Alma Record November 13, 1885

Married, Monday evening Nov. 9, by Justice Yerington, Norman Beverly and Nora Robinson, all of Alma. Alma Record November 13, 1885

Hiram Tubbs and Mrs. Matilda Olds, of Breckenridge, were married at St. Louis Nov. 15, by Rev. W. C. Calland. Alma Record November 20, 1885

Miss Tillie Stoner, who was married to Geo. W. McKee Oct. 25 at Edmore was a member of our family two years ago this winter and taught our school .  Success Tillie to you and yours. Alma Record November 20, 1885

Allan Corbitt and Minnie Lott, of Elm Hall were made one Nov. 16 Alma Record November 27, 1885

Married in Alma Nov. 26, 1885, by the Rev. J. Van Antwerp, Wm. H. Van Sickle and Miss Mary Covey both of Elwell. Alma Record December 04, 1885


John C. Baney and Miss Jennie Granger of Bethany were married Thanksgiving day at St. Louis. Alma Record December 04, 1885