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Hillsdale County, Michigan

List Contributed by Tina Easley

Cemetery -- Location -- Township

Agnew/Amboy/East Amboy Cemetery -- Section 5, 1400 block of Crampton Road. Amboy

Aldrich Cemetery

Alfred/Converse Cemetery -- Section 36, Grass Lake Road. Amboy

Allen Cemetery -- Sections 10 and 15, 700 block of Edon Road/M-49, Allen

Amish Cemetery -- Section 24, 1100 block of Gilmore Road, Camden. Camden

Andridge/Wild Cherry Cemetery -- Section 7, Crampton Road, Frontier. Ransom

Bacon Farm Grave -- Section 19, Union and Jerome. Pittsford

Baker/Drake Cemetery -- Section 1, Territorial and Grass Lake Roads. Amboy

Bankers Cemetery

Baptist/Church's Corners Cemetery -- Section 21, Waldron and Church Rds. Wheatland

Berg/Burg SCemetery -- ection 8, 900 block of Long Lake Road, Montgomery. Camden

Black Section 26, Tripp Road, Pittsford. Hillsdale Jefferson

Blackmar/Pike Cemetery

Blount/Luce/Maple Grove Cemetery -- Section 20, E. Reading and Lake Pleasant Roads, Osseo. Jefferson

Brooks Cemetery -- Section 7, Chicago Road/US-12, Jerome. Site gone. Somerset

Buckhorn/West Reading Cemetery -- Section 30, 1000 block of Reading Road, Reading

Burt/Evergreen Cemetery -- Section 23, 700 block of E. Burt Road, Ransom. Ransom

Butcher Farm Cemetery -- Section 21, Sand Hill and Baker Roads, Jerome.
 Road passes over where the cemetery once existed. Somerset

Calvary Catholic Cemetery -- Section 24, 500 block of Meridian Road/US-127, Hudson.

Camden Cemetery --  Section 22, 1100 block of Camden Road, Camden. Owner:Village.

Case Cemetery

Cellars Cemetery -- Section 34, Cellars Road. Hillsdale Amboy

Crego Cemetery -- Section 5, edge of Braxee Lake. Site now covered by lake.

Crice/Goodrich/Lane Cemetery -- Section 14, Hudson Road/M-34, Hudson.

Cutter/East Allen/North Sand Lake/Sand Lake Cemetery --  Section 13, Sand Lake and Weston Roads, Allen

Devine/Divine Cemetery -- Section 5, 300 block of Dimmers Road, Cambria. Woodbridge

Dibble Cemetery

Dorris/Walsh-Ives Cemetery -- Section 18, Squires Road. Moved to Allen Cemetery in 1967.  Site obliterated. Allen

Dutch Hill German Lutheran/Lake View/Lakeview Cemetery -- Section 35, Barnard Street,

Dutch Hill/East Hill Cemetery -- Section 3, 600 block of Beecher Road, Osseo.

Doty Section 5, Cemetery -- 800 block of Lake Pleasant Road, Ransom. Ransom

Dow Cemetery -- Section 14, 400 block of Hillsdale Road, Cambria

Eastman/Evergreen/Fowler/Little Cemetery -- Section 10, 1200 block of Hoxie Road.

Eggleston/Mudd Lake/Teachout Cemetery -- Section 2, Squawfield and Tripp Roads, Ransom.

Emens/Prattville Cemetery -- Section 11, Prattville Road. Wright

Emery Hill Cemetery -- Section unknown, in Hillsdale. Site obliterated. Hillsdale

FowleCemetery --  Section 7, 1100 block of Round Lake Road, Moscow. Somerset

Frontier Cemetery -- Section 13, Clark Road, Frontier. Woodbridge

Gambleville SCemetery -- ection 12, west of village of Somerset. Somerset

Gay/Indian Cemetery -- Section 11, Chicago Road/US-12, Somerset

Gleason Cemetery

Granger/Pope Cemetery -- Section 13, off the 900 block of Pope Road, Mosherville.

Greenwood/Old Leonardson Cemetery -- Section 24, 800 block of E. Reading Road,

Hadley’s Corners Cemetery -- Section unknown. Moved to Mount Hope. Site Gone

Hagaman Cemetery -- Section 3, 100 block of Territorial Road. Amboy

Hill/Jennings Cemetery -- Section 26, 100 block of Holcomb Road, North Adams.

Hillsdale County Poor Farm/Potter's Field -- Section 4, Cambria Road.  Site no longer exists. Cambria

Holcomb Cemetery -- Was located in section 11, Holcomb and Hoxie Roads
 Bodies moved to Northlawn Cemetery about 1900. Adams

Hoxie/Kendrick Cemetery -- Section 12, off Hoxie and Speer Roads, North Adams.  Site no longer exists. Adams

Jenkins/West Woodbridge Cemetery -- Section 20, 300 block of Burt Road, Camden.

Jerome Cemetery -- Section 18, Moreland Road, Jerome. Somerset

Johnson Cemetery 

Kane/Locust Cemetery -- Corner Section 3, 200 block of S. Waldron Road, Hudson

King Lake Cemetery -- Section 34, 200 block of Bankers Road and Cambria Road

Kirby/Mount Cemetery -- Pleasant Section 29, 100 block of N. Lake Pleasant Road

Layton Grave -- Section 18, off Hog Creek Road and Chicago Road/US-12.

Leonard/South Osseo/Taylor Cemetery -- Section 9, 300 block of Bird Lake Rd, Osseo.

Leonardson Memorial

Lickley's Corners/Lickly Corners Cemetery -- Section 5, off Lickley Road, Pittsford.

Litchfield (Old) Cemetery

Locust Corners Cemetery

Maplewood/Maple Lawn Cemetery -- Sections 22 and 23, Edon Road/M-49, Reading

Mausoleum -- Section 22, off Hillsdale Street, Hillsdale. Moved to Lake View Cemetery in January 1961,  two graves to Sebring and a few to Oakgrove Cemetery. Site Gone

Mennonite/Stoll Cemetery -- Section 26, Moscow Road, Mosco Moscow

Morgan Cemetery -- Section 13, 500 block of Foust Road, Cambria. Cambria

Moscow/New Moscow/North Moscow/Rice Cemetery -- Section 11, 1100 block of Moscow Rd

Moscow Plains Cemetery -- Section 20, 400 block of Chicago Road/US-12, Moscow.

Mosherville Cemetery

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Mt. Salem/Sunset View Cemetery -- Section 33, Chicago Road/US-12, Jonesville.

New Cambria Cemetery -- Section 21, Cambria and Reading Roads. Cambria

North Adams/North Lawn/Northlawn Cemetery -- Section 3, 500 block of Knowles Road,

North Reading Cemetery

Oak Grove/Oakgrove Cemetery -- Section 22, off Hillsdale Street, Hillsdale

Old Cambria Cemetery -- Section 28, 600 block of Cambria Road, Cambria

Old Moscow Township/Old Soldier/South MoscowCemetery --  Section 11, 1000 block of Moscow Road

Old Sebring Cemetery -- Sec 27, Hillsdale Rd.
 Set aside originally for J. Swegles family plot. Cambria

Osborn/West Amboy Cemetery --  Section 10, 100 block of W. Territorial Road.

Palmer/South Camden Cemetery -- Section 2, 600 block of Territorial Road,

Pease Cemetery -- Section 8, 1000 block of North Adams Road, North Adams.

Pratt/Smith Cemetery -- Section 25, Calhoun and Meridian Roads, Somerset.

Randolph Cemetery -- Section 36, 600 block of Chandler Road, Jerome. Moscow

Reading Methodist Cemetery -- Section 23, Reading Road, Reading. Reading

Richards/Skinner Cemetery -- Section 2, 1100 block of Moscow Road at Masker Rd
 See also Jackson County. Moscow

Robinson Family Cemetery -- Section 9, Territorial Road. Hillsdale Amboy

Saint Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery --  Section 35, Broad Street/M-99 and Steamburg Rd

Sand Creek Cemetery -- Section 34, Genesee Road, Litchfield

Saratoga Cemetery

Sebring/Wayne Highway/Wyllys Cemetery -- Sections 26 and 35, Hillsdale and Reynolds Roads. Cambria

Sheldon Cemetery -- Section 10, Montgomery Road, Frontier. Woodbridge

Somerset Cemetery -- Section 12, Somerset Road, Somerset. Somerset

Somerset Center Cemetery -- Section 10, Waldron Road, Somerset Center. Somerset

South Allen Cemetery -- Section 28, 100 block of S. Allen Road, Allen

Taylor Cemetery -- Section 36, Somerset Road, Hudson. Hillsdale Wheatland

Todd Town Cemetery -- Section 32, 900 block of Genesee Road, Litchfield

Unknown Grave of Small Girl -- Section 18, Chicago Road/US-12. Allen

Unknown Cemetery -- Section 12, between Holcomb and Pittsford, North Adams.

 Three graves, abandoned. Adams

Unknown Cemetery -- Section 16, State Road. Two graves. Adams

Unknown Cemetery -- Section 1, Harper Road, Somerset. Site obliterated.

Unknown Cemetery -- Section 3, Addison and Waldron Roads. Site obliterated.

 Marker for Revolutionary War soldier buried there placed in Pease Cemetery by D.A.R. Hillsdale Wheatland

Unknown Section 24. Moved to Pease Cemetery shortly after 1864. Site Gone

Unknown Grave Section 36, near Taylor Cemetery on Somerset Road, Hudson.

Waldron Cemetery -- Section 34, Broom Road, Waldron. Wright

West Bacon Cemetery -- Section 29, Bacon Road. Site no longer exists.
 Moved to Lake View Cemetery about 1961. Hillsdale

West Reading Cemetery

Willits Cemetery -- Section 18, 400 block of W. Card Road, Reading. Cambria

Wolf/Wolfe Cemetery -- Section 36, off the 1400 block of Egypt Road, Hudson


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