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Hillsdale County, Michigan
Residents in 1856


A New and Complete Topographical Map of Hillsdale County, Mich.
By Samuel Geil
Surveyor and Civil Engineer, by Actual Measurement from Original Surveys Throughout the Whole County.

The subscribers are preparing to publish a new and complete Topographical Map of Hillsdale County.  The Surveys are made by an experienced Surveyor.  All the public roads and localities of Dwellings, places of Worship, Post Offices, School Houses, Stores, Hotels, Mills, Shops, & c., are to be marked.  The names of property holders generally, are also to be inserted in their places in the style of the maps of Allegany co., N.Y., and New Haven county, conn.  the Maps will also have an Ornamental Border of Vignette views taken in the f distances to and from all the Post Offices in the county.  The plan will be plotted to a suitable scale, so as to make a large and ornamental Map, to be engraved and delivered to those who have ordered copies, handsomely colored and mounted, for $5.00 each.

Kellogg & Randall, Publishers, 17 Minor St., Philadelphia

The undersigned, having examined Messrs. Kellogg & Randall's Survey of Hillsdale County, take pleasure in recommending their maps to the citizens of this county, as being in our opinion a very accurate, reliable and practical Map, or complete County Directory, and well worthy their liberal patronage.  Considering the expense attending its survey, procuring so accurately all the Names, Localities, Distances, Town Plots, Farm Lines, views, & c., and the limited sale it must necessarily meet with on account of its being entirely a local work, we think they offer it very reasonable, and have subscribed for the Map.

President E. B. Fairfield, Hillsdale

Rev. C. Clark, Hillsdale

F. M. Holloway, Hillsdale

A. Cressy, Hillsdale

C. W. Ferris, Hillsdale

Lewis Emery, Hillsdale

W. W. Murphy, Jonesville

J. B. Graham, Jonesville

H. H. Sherman, Jonesville

A. J. Vandenbergh, Jonesville

M. M. Ham, Jonesville

O. a. Bartholomew, Jonesville

Hawkins & States, Jonesville

G. Archer, Reading

David D. Prouty, Reading

Wm. H. Miller, Litchfield

Rev. S. C. Woodard, Litchfield

H. E. Whipple, Hillsdale

C. T. Mitchell, Hillsdale

Wm. Waldron, Hillsdale

Jas. N. Mott, Hillsdale

B. Hammond, Hillsdale

Benj. Fisher, Hillsdale

G. C. Munro, Jonesville

C. Gregory, Jonesville

M. H. Andrews, Jonesville

A. P. Hogarth, Jonesville

John Sinclair, Jonesville

C. R. Case, Jonesville

S. R. Smith, Jonesville

J. Mickle, Reading

W. F. Turner, Reading

Wm. Hedden, Litchfield

M. P. Herring, Litchfield

Henry J. King, Hillsdale

Dan'l L. Pratt, Hillsdale

I. H. McCollum, Hillsdale

H. B. Rowlson, Hillsdale

L. Russell, Hillsdale

Horace Avery, Allen

W. J. Baxter, Jonesville

G. E. Dudley, Jonesville

H. B. Tucker, Jonesville

M. Strong, Jonesville

O. & B. Gale, Jonesville

H. Ransom, Jonesville

J. McDermid, Cambria

F. Fritts, Reading

Jos. Carpenter, Reading

A. R. Brown, Litchfield

E. K. Parmico, Jefferson

E. H. C. Wilson, Hillsdale

John P. Cook, Hillsdale

A. Hammond, Hillsdale

J. B. Baldy, Hillsdale

R. Allan, Hillsdale

Alexander Hewitt, Allen

E. O. Grosvonor, Jonesville

R. S. Varnum, Jonesville

H. Baxter, Jonesville

W. H. Tuller, Jonesville

S. Gaige, Jonesville

M. M. Johnson, Jonesville

F. Fowler, Reading

G. Fitzsimmons, Reading

H. M. Carpenter, Reading

Hon. H. Packer, Litchfield

H. Huff, Adams

[Source: "The Hillsdale Standard" (Hillsdale, Mich.), 24 June 1856]

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