Huron County MI

This is one of the old-settled townships, dating back to 1856, when James R. Frank made a location here. It was organized in 1863, Robert Scott being selected as the first Supervisor. The land in this township is rolling, and the soil is rich and productive, yielding as high as 62 bushels of wheat to the acre, with an average of 20 bushels. The Cass and Pinnebog Rivers run through this township, the former running southwest and the latter north. This township had an abundance of very fine timber before the fires, but its forests now look like skeletons. Both the fires of 1871 and 1881 swept over the entire township.

About six months prior to the last fire, Mr. Layman and family came in and settled near Mr. Randall's place. When the conflagration came rushing over the township, devouring everything before it, Mr. Layman was sick with typhoid fever. His wife had a babe three months old. A daughter was absent at a neighbor's. A son, Albert, and a boy three years of age, were in the house. The mother rushed with babe and youngest son to the swamp and stayed there all night, and though badly burned were saved. In the morning she got to Mr. Randall's just as they were starting for Port Hope, and were taken along. A short distance from where their house had stood she found the burned body of her husband, and about 30 yards further on was that of her son, Albert.

They have four schools in the township, located on sections 17, 27, 11 and 29. There are four Church societies in the township, two of which are located at Ubly, a little town on the western branch of the Port Huron & Northwestern Railroad. The Presbyterian Church building was dedicated in 1884. It is a very neat edifice and cost $3,000. It was built after the fire by the Presbyterian Relief Commission. Rev. Peter A. McMartin is the present Pastor. Rev. John C. Anderson, of Bad Axe, holds missionary services here every two weeks for the Episcopal society.

At the hamlet of Ubly, Alex. Pike, Alfred Paget and David H. Pierce carry on a general merchandise business. Bradford Sluck is also a dealer in general merchandise. Joshua B. Madill has a flouring mill. There is a hotel here, and a postoffice. The people of the township generally go to Ubly to do their trading.

This township is pretty well cultivated; all over can be seen fine farms, with good dwelling-houses and farm buildings. It ranks the seventh in population, and notwithstanding the two great calamities the people are advancing and ate prosperous.

The boundaries of this township are: north, Verona; east, Paris; south, Sanilac County, and on the west, Sheridan Township. It is numbered 15 north, of range 13 east.

SUPERVISORS. Bingham has been represented by the following named Supervisors:

Robert Scott, 1863-66
A. McKinzie, 1867
Robert Scott, 1868
Alex. McKinzie, 1869-70
Neil McKay, 1871
James McAllister, 1872
Robert Scott, 1873-74
Alex. McKinzie, 1375
Henry Frank, 1876-78
Robert Scott, 1879
Charles A. Williams, 1880-81
Sterling Nugent, 1882-84

Pioneer History of Huron Co MI by Florence McKinnon Gwinn 1922