Bloomfield Township

Huron County Michigan

Organized in 1873. It is in number 17 north, of range 14 east, and has for its boundary lines, Huron on the north, Rubicon on the east, Sigel on the south, and Lincoln on the west. After the fire of 1871, which burned over about two-thirds of this township, Henry B. Gillard came into the township and made the first settlement. The original timber here was pine, interspersed with hard-woods. The nature of the land is flat, with a sandy loam soil. It is regarded as a good country for grain. It is watered by the east and west branches of Willow Creek. There are no swamp lands in the township, but about two-thirds of the lands are yet uncultivated.

There is one good saw-mill in the township, owned by John Getty, on section 8; but the principal business is farming. There are three school-houses, located on sections 4, 20 and 32, in which good schools are kept. Port Hope is the nearest port and trading point Wheat yields an average of 20 bushels per acre. This township was organized in 1873. William C. Elliott was elected first Supervisor, H. B. Gillard, Clerk, and William Thompson, Treasurer.

There are two Baptist Churches, one Episcopal and one Methodist. The Methodist charge was established here in 1883, Rev. Thomas G. Hackle, Pastor, with Mr. Coon, Mr. and Mrs. Ripley, Mr. and Mrs. John Getty, and Katie McGregor as members. Rev. Mr. Persons holds services here. The fire of 1881 swept over the entire township, causing great suffering and loss of property.

Wm. C. Elliott, 1873
John P. Stillwell, 1874-8
Hugh M. Walker 1879-80
Daniel McGregor 1881
Hugh M. Walker 1882-4
Portrait Biographical Huron Co 1884 Chandler Brothers