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Huron County

Sebwaing, MI (Center Street Looking North) (1924) - Contributed by Paul Petosky
(C. F. Bush residence on the corner and Alfred Neuman's to the North)

Sebwaing, MI (Street Scene) (1911) from Paul Petosky

Sebwaing Michigan in the 1940's from Paul Petosky

Sebewaing, MI (1950s) from Paul Petosky

Sebwaing, MI (Michigan Sugar Company) (1930s) from Paul Petosky
Michigan Sugar is the largest beet-sugar processor east of the Mississippi. The agricultural cooperative is owned by some 1,250 beet-sugar farmers who purchased the company from Imperial Sugar in 2002. Michigan Sugar manufactures both private-label and branded consumer, foodservice, and industrial products. Its sugars include granulated, confectioner's and brown sugar, along with molasses and liquid sucrose. It also manufactures sugar by-products such as beet pulp, which is used for animal feed and fertilizer. Michigan Sugar's flagship brand is Pioneer Sugar, but the company also sells to institutions under the name Big Chief Sugar.

Sebwaing, MI (Airport) (1940) - from Paul Petosky