Port Austin Township

Huron County Michigan

The good people of this township got together April 7, 1862, and effected their organization. The polls were opened first at H. Gallups office, but were afterwards moved to J. Heath's shingle shop. There were seventy-one votes cast, which was the largest number of all the townships at their first election. Isaac Brebner was elected the first Supervisor.

Port Austin Township forms the tip of the tongue of the Lower Peninsula, and is numbered 19 north, of range 13 east. It is a fractional township, composed of 17 sections, and is bounded on three sides by the waters of Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay.

It is estimated that about one-tenth of the township was burned over by the fires of 1871 and 1881. The wind changed during the progress of the latter, driving the fire backward and westward, which saved the town of Port Austin, and a large portion of the township.

The original timber was pine, hemlock, and the hard-woods. There is but little swamp land in the township. The lands are drained by Bird's Creek, which runs through the western side of the township and empties its waters into Saginaw Bay at Port Austin. The shore line is bordered with a belt of sand, and rising back of this is a clay loam. The surface is undulating, which, together with Bird's Creek, facilitates drainage. The production of the cereals is not up to the average standard; but all kinds of fruit do exceedingly well, and considerable attention is given to this branch of industry. There are two school-houses in the township, located on section 29 and 25.

This is one of the oldest settled townships in the county, the first member of the white race coming here as early as 1837. It contains two thriving towns,—Port Austin and Grindstone City, and for several years had the county seat.

The following named citizens have represented the township in the Board of supervisors:
Isaac Brebner,
Edward Cole, 1862 & 1863-6
Richard Winsor, 1867
Edward Cole, 1868-9
Richard Winsor, 1870
G. H. Gregory, 1871
Robt. W. Irwin, 1872-6
John Butters, 1877
Richard Smith, 1878
George S. Kene, 1879
Richard Smith, 1880
Edward Cole, 1881-3
John Ryan, 1884

Further particulars in regard to this township will be found in the history of the village of Port Austin

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