Verona Twp.

Huron County Michigan

Verona Township was settled in 1857. Thomas Philp has the credit of being the first settler. A great portion of this township is a series of hills and valleys, which adds much to the beauty of its landscape. The timber before the great fires was beech, maple, ash, cedar, pine and hemlock. It was nearly all burned over by the fire of 1881, but escaped the fires of 1871. It is watered by Willow Creek, the outlet of which is at Huron City. The highest yield of wheat is 60 bushels per acre. Fruit has not been cultivated much yet, but it is regarded as a good locality for it.

There are a flouring-mill and saw-mill located at Verona. The township is well provided with schools, having five, which are located on sections 11, 19, 24, 26 and 22. There are three Churches, Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian.

The trading point and postoffice is at Verona village. The date of organization is not definitely known, as the records have been destroyed. This township is bounded on the north by Lincoln, 011 the east by Sigel, the south by Bingham, and the west by Colfax Township. Its number is 16 north, of range 13 east. It has been represented by the following named Supervisors since 1864:

1864-74 Thomas Scott,
1875-76 Henry Pangborn,
1877 Thomas Scott,
1878-79 Henry Pangborn,
1880-82 John M. Campbell,
1883-84 John Hunt,