State Flower - Apple Blossom


Ingham County MI
Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley
State Bird - Robin

Michigan Trails

Cemetery Location County Township

Alchin/Alchin Farm Section 23, Vanorden Road, Webberville.  LeRoy
Aurelius Center/Greenwood Section 34, Aurelius Road,  Aurelius
Aurelius/Montgomery Plains/Plains Section 31, Plains Road, Aurelius
Bell Oak/Belle Oak/In God We Trust Section 13, Bell Oak and Morrice Roads, 
   Webberville.  Locke
Branch/Foote Section 21, Sherwood Road,  Williamston
Brick/Wilgus/Toms/Stoughton/Old Brick Section 7, Shaftsburg Road, Williamston.  Locke
Bunker Hill Center/Bunkerhill Section 16, Williamston Road, Leslie.  Bunkerhill
Cabot/Caswell/Meech Section 13, Meech Road, Williamston.  Wheatfield
Dansville/Fairview Section 23, Dansville Road, Dansville.   Ingham
Dennis Section 23, Holt Road, Williamston.  Wheatfield
Derby/Whitney Section 28, Heeny Road, Stockbridge.  Stockbridge
Dubois Section 35, off Every Road, Mason.  Alaiedon
East Lawn Memory Gardens Section 28, Bennett Road, Okemos.   Meridian
Eden/Kirbey Section 34, Barnes Road, Mason.  Vevay
Evergreen Cemetery
Felt Plains Section 7, Schofield Road, Leslie.   Bunkerhill
Fitchburg Section 34, Fitchburg Road, Stockbridge.  Bunkerhill
Foote/Rockwell/Rickwell Section 5, Hagadorn Road, East Lansing.  Alaiedon
Forster-Hall Graves/Saint Katherine's Episcopal Section 20, N. Meridian Road,   Williamston
Fowler Section 19, Toles Road,    Aurelius
Glendale/New Okemos Section 21, Mount Hope Road, Okemos.  Meridian
Grovenburgh/Markham Section 32, Grovenburg Road, Holt.  Delhi
Hawley Section 24, E. Dexter Trail, Mason.   Vevay
Holt/Howlett/Pioneer/Reeves Section 1, Ewers and Parman Roads, Dansville.  Bunkerhill
Howard Section 27, 1600 block of S. Williamston Road, Dansville.  Ingham
Ingham County Home/Ingham County Poor Farm Section 34, 3882 Dobie Road, Okemos. Meridian
Lane Section 27, Bellevue Road, Onondaga.  Onondaga
Lansing/Mount Hope Section 28, Mount Hope Avenue East,  Lansing
 Leek Cemetery 

Leslie/Woodlawn Section 21, Church and Adams Streets,  Leslie
Maple Grove Cemetery  
Maple Ridge Section 14, Willoughby Road, Holt.  Delhi
Mount Calvary Catholic Section 31, Rowley Road, Williamston.  Locke
Mount Pleasant/White Oak Section 31, Proctor and Swan Roads, Dansville.  White Oak
Mt. Hope Cemetery
North Aurelius/Wright Section 10, Elliott and Columbia Roads.  Aurelius
North Section 3, Miller Road East, Lansing. Owner:City.  Delhi
North Stockbridge Section 3, Topping Road/M-36,  Stockbridge
Oak Lawn/Oaklawn/Stockbridge Section 26, S. Williams Street, Stockbridge.  Stockbridge
Oak Park Section 15, Saginaw Street, Lansing. Site no longer exists; 
   bodies moved to Mount Hope Cemetery.  Lansing
Okemos/Riverbend/Riverside/Old Okemos Section 21, Grand River Avenue and Hamilton Street, 
   Okemos.  Meridian
Olds Section 3, northwest corner of Dobie and Sandhill Road.   Alaiedon
Onondaga Section 29, Rossman Road, Onondaga.  Onondaga
Phillips/Strickland Section 19, Hagadorn and Holt Roads, Mason.  Alaiedon
Pioneer Section 14, Aurelius, Holt.  Delhi
Putnam Grave Section unknown, Meech Road, Williamston. 
   Possibly moved to Summit Cemetery.  Wheatland
Rolfe Section 29, Barnes Road, Mason.  Vevay
Rowley Section 33, Perry Road/M-52, Williamston.  Locke
Saint Joseph's/Saint Mary's Section 7, 2520 W. Willow Street,  Lansing
Saints Cornelius and Cyprian's Catholic Section 10, Catholic Church Road, Leslie.  Bunkerhill
Spalding Section 34, Waldo Road, Williamston.  Wheatfield
Summit/Williamston Village Section 26 and 35, Beeman Road,    Williamston
Test Cemetery Library of Michigan. Lansing, Michigan. I  Lansing
Unknown Section 24, College and Holt Roads, Holt.   Delhi
Unknown Section 6, off of Columbia and Kendrick Roads, Dansville. White Oak
Unknown Section 12, Gramer Road, Webberville.  LeRoy
Webberville Section 10, Webberville Road, Webberville.  LeRoy