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Lansing, MI (St. Mary's School & Church) (1910s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky


About the year 1856 the Rev. Father Kuntel, of the Order of the Holy Redeemer, was sent by the Right Rev. P.P. Lefevre to attend to the spiritual and temporal interests of the Catholic population living in and bout Lansing, in all, at that thime, some thirty families. Soon after the foundations for a brick church edifice, thirty-six by fifty feet, were laid, but from the want of thorough organization and the necessary means the work came to a standstill, ad was not renewed until the year 1863, when another priest was sent by the same bishop. He found the few Catholics of St. Mary's Church very poor and almost discouraged in the work of finishing their house of worship; but after considerable exertion about $1000 were at length obtained, and the work of building was resumed.  The sum was sufficient to carry up the walls, and the confidence of the people was restored. Both Catholics and non-Catholics came forward liberally, among the latter Hon. John A. Kerr, of the Lansing Republican, being prominent. In the autumn of 1864 the new building was consecrated.  After the lapse of nearly ten years, in 1873, it becaqme apparent that the church edifice afforded insufficient space for the increasing congregation, and an addition, thirty-six by fifty feet in dimensions, was made. But as the number of Catholics kept increasing, two wings were added in 1879, each twenty by thirty feet, making the form of the building nearly that of a cross. During the present season of 1880 the tower and spire have been also carried to completion, and the finished structure is a creditable specimen f the builder's art, and roomy and convenient. A comfortable dwelling for the priest adjoins the church on the north, and a convenient bulding has been erected for a parochial school.  The church and parsonage are of brick, the school building of wood.  The present number of communicants is about 900, the average Sunday attendance of services about 850.

taken from History of Ingham and Eaton counties, Michigan; by Samueal W. Durant.  Phila. D.W.Ensign & Co. 1880.  p177



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