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Chuches - Stockbridge

Stockbridge, MI (Presbyterian Church) (1909) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

 The earliest society in connection with the Presbyterian denomination in Stockbridge was organizeed in 1853, under the ministry of Rev. Sylvester Cary, with William Craig and William S. Bird as its first officers.  Its members embraced the following individuals: Wm. S Bird, A. C. Dutton, Wm. Craig, Mason Branch, Ira Wood, Fritz Cooper, M.D.L. Branch, Abram Turner.  A.C. Dutton was chosen as the clerk of the society.  In 1854, the organization having attained cinsiderable strength, a church edifice was erected, whish was dedicated with impressive ceremonies on the 14th day of February, 1855. The records indicate that the society was not regularly organized as the First Presbyterian Church of Stockbridge until 1867, under the pasto9rate of Rev. H. Kittridgbe, who was followed in his ministerial labors by Rev. Seward Osengaugh, after which the present pastor, Rev. T. B. Williams, was orgained.  Its first elders were William Craig, William S. bird, and A. A. Howard, who served under the regular church organization. The present elders are L. P. Reynolds, Hugh McCloy, Asa Thompson. A flourishing Sabbath-school - union in its character - is maintained under the efficient superintendence of A. L. Forbes. The church membership now embraces thirty names, through the regular attendants upon it services are greatly in excess of that number.

taken from History of Ingham and Eaton counties, Michigan; by Samueal W. Durant.  Phila. D.W.Ensign & Co. 1880.  p302



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