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Haslett, MI - Pine Lake (1910) - contributed by Paul Petosky


The village of Haskett had its beginning in the sixties. An English truck gardener named Bateman owned land bordering on the north shore of Pine lake. He soon improved his land, and the grove of oaks he made into a camp for hunters and fishermen. He built some rowboats and kept them at a small dock. This place was not only patronized by sportsmen but Sunday schools found it an ideal place for picnics.  Before 1870, Mr. Bateman sold his lake front to a man named Surby, who took as a partner George Northrup. IN a short time Mr. Anson and Orgin Hardy purchased Mr. Surby's share, enlarged the hotel built by the first owner and made a first class resort. These owners placed several small sailboats and a steamer on the lake. When everything was running nicely a competitor appeared and built a hotel on the southwest shore of the lake. The competitor was a colored man and his venture in the resort business did not prove very successful. Hardy brothers went into other lines of business in the eighties, so they sold the grounds for a Spiritualist camp ground. The Spiritualist meetings were a great drawing card for some years. A number of residences were built for members of this church, the grounds at the south part of the lake were purchased and a small settlement sprang up around the depot of the railroad. A village was platted and a new village was started near the first settlement in the township. Since the village was platted real estate men have purchased the farms which had a frontage on the lake and there is a continuous line of resort cottages on the shores. The electric railroad and the state highways make it convenient to all business men who want to spend an evening during hot weather or a week-end and take their families. During the months of July and August the bathing beach is a small Coney Island.

taken from An Account of Ingham County from its organization; edited by Frank N. Turner  pp 266-267



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