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State Bird - Robin

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Pament, Mrs. N. (Mercy) d. in White Oak, Ap. 26, 1850 ae 27y. 5-30-50

Deits, Mrs. Henry (Marcy D.) d. in LeRoy, ae 32y 8m and 15 d. She was formerly of Plymouth. 5-2-50

Whipple, C. W., of Leone, and Miss M. A. Hopkins of Vevay, Ingham Co., were married in Vevay, July 3, 1850 by the Rev. A. B. Kinne. 7-18-50

Rowly, Aristine, d. in Locke, Sept. 20, 1850, dau. of Levi and Alma Rowly and twin sister of Josephine Rowly ae 4m. 8-10-50

Atwood, Zenas, d. in Ingham, Oct. 4, 1850 in the 57th year of his age. Born in Franklin Co., Mass. Emigrated to Groton, N.Y., in May 1836 to Michigan. 10-31-50

Savage, Rev. J. R. and Miss Eliza D. Densmore, both of Ingham m. in Ingham (?) on April 5, 1851, by Rev. A. B. Kinne.

Doty, Mrs. Seth N. (Mary J.) d. in Lansing, May 13, 1851, dau. of Eld. Elijah Jordan of Granger, Ohio. She was bap. in the Baptist church in Bastard, U.C. ae 9y Later, resided in St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 6-19-51

Gosline, Richard A., of Wheatfield, and Miss Hannah Rouse of LeRoy, m. in LeRoy on July 6, 1851, by Rev. A. B. Kinne. 7-17-51

Crossman, Mariette Amelia d. in Ingham, Aug. 11, 1851, dau. of Samuel and Mary Crossman, ae 2y 6m and 20d 8-28-51

Whipple, Horace Carlos d. in Ingham, Dec. 21, 1851, son of R. W. and Claremon Whipple, ae 2y and 4m 1-15-52

Brown, Sarah Ann d. in LeRoy, Dec. 22, 1851, eldest dau. of William & Julia Brown, ae 12y and 6m 1-15-52

Olds, S. B. d., in Phelpstown, Dec. 26, 1851 ae 40y 1-15-52

Pamment, Natheniel, of LeRoy, and Miss Anna Herrick of Salem, nm. in LeRoy, Dec. 29, 1851 1-15-52

Crossman, Mrs. John S. (Mary) d. in Ingham, June 24, 1852, in the 29th year of her age. Joined the church in Canton, Onondaga Co., N.Y., removed to Sennett, Cayuga Co., N.Y., where in 1840 she was married 7-8-52.

Alchin, Mrs. James (Eliza) d. in LeRoy, Aug. 6, 1852, in the 29th (?) year of her age. 8-26-52

Atwood, Martin S., and Miss Catherine E. Hill, both of Ingham, m. in Ingham, on Nov. 4, 1852 by A. B. Kinne. 11-18-52

Hazeltine, Henry d. in Onondaga, July 22, 1853, ae 307. His wife was Miss Pluma Rolf dau. of Hazen Rolf. 9-15-53

Philips, Amasa, of Ingham, and Miss Caroline Youngs of Columbus, m. Aug. 30, 1853 by Rev. N. Eastwood. 9-8-53

Holmes, M. Zalmon and Miss Sarah Packard both of Lansing, married in Lansing, Sept. 5, 1853, by Rev. P. C. Dayfoot. 11-16-53

North, Manning R. and Miss Mary Lobdell, both of Lansing, m. in Lansing, Sept. 15, 1853 by Rev. P. C. Dayfoot. 11-16-53

Hedges, Charles A. and Miss Jane L. Goodridge, both of Lansing, m. in Lansing, Sept. 27, 1853, by Rev. P. C. Dayfoot. 11-16-53

Elder, George, and Miss Mary Wilson, both of Lansing, m. in Lansing Oct. 27, 1853 by Rev. P. C. Dayfoot. 11-16-53

Hawley, Mrs. H. A. (Lucy Ann Hicks) d. in Vevay, Nov. 18, 1853, dau. of Deacon Z. Hicks of Ingham ae 35y. Born in Homer, N.Y., Aug. 23, 1818. She came to Michigan in 1836, m. in June 1839 (?) 12-29-53

Fowler, Joseph and Miss Mary E. Barnes, dau. of John Barnes, of Aurelius, m. in Aurelius, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 6-14-55

Hulse, Nicholas, d. in Vevay, April 12, 1854, ae 60y. He was born in Orange Co., N.Y, moved to Ontario Co. in 1825, and came to Michigan in 1844. 6-15-54

Martin, D. d. and Abigail Jeffords, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 3-15-55

Robinson, D. W. and Emma Jane Freeland, both of Leslie, Ingham Co., m. by Rev. W. B. Grow. 3-15-55

Angell, E. H. and Miss c. M. rumery, m. in Bunker HIll, by Rev. E. K. Groute. 3-29-55

Reed, A. S. of Niagara Co., N.Y., and Lucinda M. Tyler, of Rives, Jackson Co., m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 5-10-55

Rolfe, Mrs. Hazen (Jane) d. in Onondaga, Aug. 28, 1855, ae 70y, 4m and 28d. She was a native of New Hampshire. 10-4-55

Streeter, W. of Battle Creek, and Miss A. Moon of Leroy, m. in Leroy, Oct. 21, 1855, by Rev. G. H. Hickox. 11-1-55

Lockwood, S. J. and Miss Hannah Harkness, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 1-10-56

Wooley, Isaac, of Gratiot, and Miss Martin Whitney of Leslie, m. by Eld. E. K. Groute. 1-10-56

Armstrong, Oliver, and Mis Selina Sabin, m. in Leslie by Eld. E. K. Groute. 2-14-56

Smith, Milo, of Eaton Co., and Miss Marianna DuBois, m. in Leslie by Eld. E. K. Groute. 2-14-56

Rappleye, Hudson, of Farmersville, N.Y. and Miss Samantha Covert, dau. of Mahlon Covert of Leslie, m. in Leslie, Feb. 7, 1856, by Rev. H. B. Fuller. 2-21-56

Forbes, C. M. and Miss Frances Maria Hall, both of Onondaga, m. in Onondaga, by Eld. E. K. Groute. n.d. 3-27-56

Rice, William H. and Miss F. Hellen Armstrong, both of Lselie, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 5-15-56

Inman, William A., of Ionia Village, and Mrs. Jane H. Rolfe, youngest dau. of Hazen Rolfe, of Aurelius, m. in Aurelius by Eld. E. K. Groute. 5-22-56

Bond, Susan Ann, d. in Aurelius, June 4, 1856, dau. of --W. and Jane Bond, ae 2y and 1d. 7-3-56

Kirby, William, and Mrs. Aunette Lombard Baker of Leslie, m. by Rev. E. K. Grout. 8-7-56

Rice, L. D. and Miss Jane Augusta Woodhouse, m. in Leslie, by Rev. E. K. Groute. 8-7-56

Hugman, Orin D. d. in Ingham, Sept. 20, 1856 ae 6y. 9-25-56

Irons, D. M. of Aurelius and Mrs. Maria B. Hazleton, widow of the late Benjamin Hazleton, jr. m. in Onondaga, n.d. 10-23-56

Huffman, Joseph d. in Ingham, Dec. 27, 1856, ae 16y. 1m. and 11d. He was the son of James Huffman. 1-15-57

Armstrong, Wm. James, and Miss Ellen Own of N.Y., m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 3-5-57

Hobart, Mrs. Horace (Hilpa R.) d. in Aurelius, July 5, 1857, ae 42y. Removed with her family from Homer, N.Y. in 1847. 8-27-57

Van Force, George H., and Miss Marietta Fish, both of LeRoy, m. in LeRoy, Aug. 6, 1857, by Rev. T. Z. R. Jones. 10-29-57

Moore, Sanford, and Miss Angeline Lake, both of Howell, m. in Leroy, Ingham Co., Nov. 12, 1857 by Rev. A. B. Kinne. 11-26-57

Towers, Morris, and Miss Alvira Northrup, both of Meridian, m. in LeRoy, Nov. 16, 1857, by Rev. A. B. Kinne. 11-26-57

Harvey, Webster, of Williamstown, and Miss Ann H. Benton of Locke, m. in Lock, Nov. 18, 1857, by Wm. Brown of LeRoy. 11-26-57

Smith, John and Miss Clarissa Dunsha, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 3-4-58

Herrick, David, d. in LeRoy, March 11, 1858, ae 3y and 5m, and 3d, only son of Daniel and Mary Jane Herrick. 4-29-58

Avery, Wm. B., of Ingham and Miss Julia Ann Sherman of Wheatfield, m. in Ingham, Ap. 11, 1858, by Rev. A. B. Kinne. 4-29-58

Blanchard, Stephen S., d. in Williamstown, Ap. 20, 1858, ae 85y and 11d. He was born in Sturbridge, Mass. 5-6-58 also 5-13-58

Northrup, H. J. and Miss S. F. Harlow, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 6-24-58

Holley, Isaac, d. in Delhi, Sept. 10, 1858, ae 61y. He was born in Vermont, Sept. 10, 1797. His parents took him with them to Solon, N.Y., when a child; m. Sept. 10, 1817 to Miss Rosanna Tinker...came to Michigan in 1854. 11-16-58.

Whipple, Mrs. Randolph W. (Claramon Harmon) d. in Ingham, Sept. 16, 1858, dau. of Harvey Harmon, of Manchester, Ontario Co., N.Y. Came to Mich. with her husband in Oct. 1836; removed to Ingham in 1838. 9-30-58

Kinne, Rev. Joshua, d. in LeRoy, Oct. 17, 1858, ae 76y. 2m. and 4d. 10-28-58

Crosman, Daniel L., of Dansville, and Miss Nancy M. Woodhouse of Leslie, m. in Leslie, Jan. 20, 1859, by Rev. H. Fuller. 2-3-59

Putnam, Mrs. Richard (Nancy) d. in LeRoy, March 9, 1859 ae 64y. She was born in Herkimer Co., N.Y. She came to Michigan with her family about 1836. 3-24-59

Hoffman, Mrs. James (Sarah) died in Ingham, Ap. 9, 1859 ae 51 or 54y. She came from Sussex Co., N.J. in 1835. 4-21-59

Hammond, Elijah, d. in Wheatfield, June 13, 1859, ae 54y. He was born in Washington Co., N.Y. and joined the Baptist Church in Salem, N.Y. Removed to Michigan in 1839. 8-18-59

Cochran, Mrs. E. E. (Phebe) d. in Wheatfield, Sept. 20, 1859, ae 69y. She was born in Haverhill, Mass., and was left an orphan when two years old. Lived with an aunt in New Hampshire; after marriage removed to Peru, Clinton Co., N.Y., then Ann Arbor, then Wheatfield. 10-13-59

Godfrey, Richard, and Miss Roxilla A. Clark, m. in Leslie, by Eld. E. K. Groute. 10-27-59

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 24-28 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)