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Iosco County

Cemetery list contributed by Tina Easley

Cemetery Location County Township

Alabaster Township Section 23, Benson Road, Tawas City.  Alabaster
American Legion Cemetery
Au Sable Township/Old Au Sable Sections 3 and 10, Sixth and Pierce Streets

Burleigh Township/Tucker/Wilson/Wilson Creek Road Sec. 21, S. Wilson Creek Rd Whittemore

Chippewa Indian Section 3, on Indian Road, south of King's Corner Rd., Oscoda Oscoda

Emmanuel Lutheran Section 25, Meadow View Drive, Tawas City.  Tawas
Esmond-Evergreen/Evergreen/Hale/Hale Evergreen/Hale/Plainfield Township 
   Section 13, 2 1/2 miles east of Hale on the north side of Esmond Road   Plainfield

Grant Township/Pioneer Section 15, State Road, Sand Lake.   Grant

Hale/Plainfield Township Section 13, Esmond Road, Hale.   Plainfield

Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Catholic Section 25, Meadow View Drive, Tawas City.  Iosco Tawas

Johnson/Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Section 22, S. M-65, 
    Whittemore. Burleigh

Laidlaw Section 16, private road off Laidlaw Road, Tawas City.  Tawas   

Memory Gardens/Tawas City Section 25, Meadow View Drive, Tawas City.   Tawas

Pinecrest/Oscoda Cemetery
Pine Top Rest Section 24, Binder Road, Tawas City.  Grant
Pioneer Plains Section 18, located on the plains near the townline, which is Chambers Road.
    Site no longer exists.  Wilber
Poor Farm Section 10, located on Sparton Road. Site no longer exists.  Tawas

Reno Sections 26 and 35, Towerline Road, Whittemore.   Reno

Sacred Heart Section 4, north side of Adams Road, Oscoda.  Au Sable
Saint Joseph’s Section 21, 1400 E. Lincoln Street, East Tawas.  Baldwin

Thompson/Thompson Farm Section 11, Curtisville and Vick Roads, 
    South Branch, Huron National Forest Property.   Plainfield

Unknown Section 10, Sparton Road, Tawas City.   Tawas
Unknown Grave Section 16, Putnam Road, on Merton Webb Farm.   Plainfield

Wilber Section 19, Sheer Road, East Tawas.  Wilber

Zion Lutheran Section 23, Plank Road, Tawas City.   Tawas