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Iron County, Michigan


Bates Cemetery - Section 15, Bates-Amasa Road, Iron River. Owner:Township

Beechwood/Rosehill Cemetery
Section 1, Location: From the stoplight on US 2 (Adams Street) in downtown Iron River, go west on US 2 for 7 miles. A marked intersection there has Smoky Lake Road going south and Amvets Highway going north. Continue 4/10's of a mile west on US 2 to Cemetery Road, a dirt road going off northwest from US 2 at an angle. Turn right onto this road. The cemetery is on the right side a half mile down the road. Owned by the Township.

Evergreen Memorial

Hematite Section 5, Cemetery Road, Amasa. Owner:Township. Iron Hematite

Indian Cemetery

Iron River Section 24, River Avenue, Iron River. Owner:City. Iron Iron River

Resthaven Section 27, US-2, Iron River. Owner:Township. Iron Iron RiverStambaugh

Stambaugh Cemetery

Unknown Section 8, Alpha. One Burial. Iron Mastodon
Unknown Graves Section 13, Alpha. Two children burials. Iron Mastodon
Unknown Graves Section 31, Alpha. Four children burials. Iron Mastodon
Unknown Section 36, west side of Lincoln Avenue, Stambaugh. Iron Stambaugh

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