Isabella County Michigan




Township history is an essential and prominent part of county history. The various parts of Isabella County were settled by men most of whom have representatives now living in the county, and some of them yet reside in the townships which they were born. The southern tier of townships was first settled, being nearest to and adjoining Gratiot County, which was settled somewhat before its organization in 1855. Previous to its organization, which was in the year 1859, it was attached to Midland County for judicial and municipal purposes.

A careful perusal of the incidents relating to the early settlement of the several townships will repay the reader, as each one contains the names of the first settlers, and many other items which are required to make the history complete. Almost every township claims the honor of having the first settler in the county located in her borders; but with the most careful reference to dates, Coe is awarded the palm. Be that as it may, each has furnished many men who for integrity and worth cannot be excelled in any country, and they reflect great credit upon the county they represent, politically or socially.  


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