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Northern Pioneeer

In an early day in the history of the county, O. B. Church started a weekly paper called the "Northern Pioneeer." The material used, and the printing press, which was the first press in the county, were hauled from Ithica to Mt. Pleasant in the year 1863, by order of Judge Estee. It may be stated here that this same press is still in use at the Enterprise office; and, although it passed through the fire of 1875, it is still in good working order.

The first issue of the paper was dated Nov. 30, 1864. It was Republican in principles, and has always been an exponent, and is still a supporter, of the Republican party. The name has been changed to the "Isabella Enterprise," and John R. Doughty is now editor and proprietor. The original proprietor sold, in an early day, one-half interest to James P. Welper, and afterward the remainder to Myron McLaren, who subsequently bought out Mr. Vculpcr. Mr. Mclaren then sold to I.A. Fancher, and the latter in turn sold to Allen Fox, who owned and controlled it until his death, in February, 1873, when it was sold to its present proprietor. It is now entering upon its 20th year, with a reputation exceeding that of any former year, in circulation, etc. The editor, Mr. Doughty, has proven himself, during all these years, an able expounder of Republican principles, and its columns have done much to forward not only the growth of Republicianism, but also to advance the prosperity and moral tone of the good people of this county.


The Northwestern Tribune

The Salt River, in September, 1879, this enterprising journal was established, the proprietors being then, as now. Dr. S. c. Brown & Sons. It was removed to Mt. Pleasant in March, 1881, where it takes equal rank with the other able journals published in this village. Dr. Brown is one of the jolliest fellows that ever drew a pen in support of his country, and nothing but thorough Republican doctrines has ever been seen on the editorial page of the Tribune. It has a fine circulation, and, as the Doctor states, "grows in grace day by day."


Mt. Pleasant Times

The Mt. Pleasant Times was established in 1877, by henry H. Graves, who was it proprietor, with James W. Long was editor. It was first run as a Democratic, and afterwards as a Greenback paper, until Nov. 10, 1879, when Jamor James W. Long, the present owner and publisher, took possession. Major Long converted it into an independent paper, and has run it at such ever since.  The Times is the official county paper of Isabella County, and also the official city paper of Mt. Pleasant. From the first it has enjoyed a large run of patronage, its influence being sought fro in times of election, and has been the favorite office of hte county for job and legal work. Its circulation is a solid one, its subscribers all being paying ones. It is conducted as a family newspaper, giving especial attention to live locals, general news, and, in the intervals between elections, publishing a continued story written by the editor.  Already four have been published, viz.: "Archibald Graham," "Little Gertie," "Tuck Meredith" and "Born to the People;" and at present a fifth one, entitled "Oriola," is running. These stories have been received with favor, as an increasing subscription list testifies.

The Times is a large eight-page, seven-column paper, making 56 columns weekly, and has a larger amount of reading matter than any other paper in its vicinity.

Being independent in politics, it supports the men whom it deems best fitted for office, regardless of their political affiliations.




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