Jackson County MI

Births Recorded in Jackson County Court House
Jackson, Michigan
(records indexed)
by Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter
March, 1932
Transcribed 2011
This is a listing of last names starting with 'A-F', 'G-P' and Q-Z taken from the years 1867 through 1869.

AUSTINE, Dorothy
Sept. 8, 1894 in Jackson
Alonzo and Pearl Hollis

Both born in Indiana

BACON, Alexander Samuel
Nov. 20, 1853
John A Bacon and Harriet Smith

BAYN, Howard Leon
Jan. 9, 1902 Bath Mills, Concord Township
Roscoe Orlando Bayn and Kitty Mae Hawkins

BOWE, Donal Leslie
Jan. 17, 1901 in Jackson
Hazelton Bowe and Josephine Barandreght
Both born in Michigan

BOYER, Edward Lee
Mar. 8, 1901, Jackson
Lee Boyer and Elle Fardenr
Both born in Pennsulvania

BURKE, Richard
Jan. 10, 1894 in Jackson
Patrick and Rosa Burki
Both born in Michigan

July 29, 1894 in Jackson
Thomas and Katie Couklin

Both born in Michigan

CURTIS, Alberta
Nov. 30, 1894 in Jackson
William E. and Coral E. Curtis
Born in New York and Indiana

DYRE, Ruth A.
Dec. 27, 1894 in Jackson
Frank and Mary Dyre
Born in New York and Unknown

Oct. 3, 1901 in Jackson
Edward Griffith and Effie Rogers
Both born in Michigan

GRISWOLD, Geo. Raynor
April 3, 1901 in Jackson
Floyd Friswold and Susie Coke
Both born in Michigan

Oct. 7, 1901 in Jackson
Anthony Gusivinski and Mary Kapleuski
Both born in Russia

Mar. 15, 1894 in Jackson
Ebenezer and Ida Harris
Both born in Michigan

Apr. 10, 1894 in Jackson
Jacob and Christine Helfenstein
Both born in Michigan

HOLLIS, Florence
Sept. 8, 1894 in Jackson
George and Pearl Hollis

Both born in Michigan

HUGHS, Edmin L.
Dec. 25, 1894 in Jackson
John and Minnie Hughs
Born in Wales and Michigan

IRISH, Larcua
Feb. 10, 1870 in Eaton County, Michigan
Chester and Imogene Irish
Both born in Michigan

Apr. 28, 1894 in Jackson
Hugh R. and Minnie Jenkins

Both born in Michigan

JONES, Leroy
Aug, 6, 1901 in Jackson
Will Jones and Minnie Acton
Born in Michigan and Ohio

KNOWLES, Clayton
Feb. 24, 1901 in Jackson
Clayton Knowles and Florence Gridall
Both born in Michigan

LAKE, Mary E.
Jan. 21, 1984 in Jackson
Charles A. and Effie Lake

Both born in Michigan

Apr. 28, 1894 in Jackson
Fred H. and Elnora Miller
Born in Michigan and Canada

Mar. 1, 1901 in Jackson
Robert Oechsler and Anna Pohl
Both born in Germany

O'DELL, Roba
Feb. 27, 1901 in Jackson
Cortland Branch Odell and Kate Darling
Both born in Michigan
May 14, 1956 aff filed last name change to Odell

Feb. 24,1901 in Jackson
George Ottomer and Mary Masley
Both born in Jackson
Nov. 17, 1953 aff filed last name change to Wilhdmina

Mar. 6. 1870 in Rives
William N and Amerlia Peterson
Born in Michigan and New York

PHELPS, Nettie
Apr. 27, 1894 in Jackson
Chauncey and Ida Phelps

Both born in Michigan

April 3, 1901 in Jackson
Andrew Popirik and Mary Mejholik
Both born in Austria

RAND, Howard
Dec. 8, 1839
Daniel T Rand and Julia A. Jewett

Jan 6, 1894 in Jackson
Peter and Lucy Sense
Both born in Germany

SNOOR, Fred W. Jr.
Feb. 22, 1901 in Jackson
Fred W. Snoor and Elizabeth Galvin
Both born in Michigan

SNOOR, Margaret Catherine
Dec. 26, 1894 in Jackson
Fred William Snoor and Elizabeth Loretta Galvin
Both born in Michigan
5-2-57 aff. filed adding middle name and parents middle names and mothers maiden name

VEINING, Clarance Divier
Jan. 19, 1870 in Columbia
Thadeus S and Harriet Veining
Born Michigan and New York

Mar. 4, 1901 in Jackson
Charles Vincent and Anna Griffith
Born in Kansas and England

Aug. 7, 1901 in Jackson
Henry Wiggins and Pearl Butler
Born in Kansas and Nebraska

WILD, Byron
July 5, 1901 in Jackson
Amond Wild and Jessie Foster
Both born in Michigan

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