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Marriage and Engagement Announcements

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June 1, 1847 ‘Jackson Patriot’

GALLERY - FRENCH - On the 23d inst., in Aurelius, Ingham Co., by the Ev. J Billings, Mr John Gallery and Miss Caroline D. French, daughter of Hon, John M. French.

CROW - TRIPP - On Saturday, the 22d inst., in Hanover, in this county, by the Rev George Smith, of Albion, Mr. W. H. Crow to Miss Susan M., daughter of Gerdner Tripp, all of Hanover.

BLACKWELL - PLATT - In New York city, by the Rev. Livingston Willard, Joseph G. R. Blackwell to Cornelia, daughter of Hon. Z. Platt formerly of Jackson.

September 26, 1849 ‘Jackson Citizen’


HAY - CHAFFEE - In the town of Napoleon, on the 12th inst by the Rev. J. Billings, Mr. WM. H. Hay, and Miss Ellen Chaffee.

October 3, 1849 ‘Jackson Citizen’


LUDLOW - GOODYEAR - In Springport, Aug. 11th, by L. H. Ludlow, Esq.  Mr. William Gillet, to Miss Phebe A. Goodyear, all of that place.

VREDENBURG - EMMONS - Also, in Jackson, Sept. 30, by the Rev. J. Billings, Mr. Samuel Vredenburg, of Leslie, and Miss D. W. Emmons, of Jackson.

October 17, 1849 ‘Jackson Citizen’


YOUNG - HODGKINS - At Jackson, Mich, on the 11th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Lewis, Mr. WM. M. Young, and Miss Harriet P. Hodgkins.

ROOT - SORANTON - At Concord on the 3d inst. by the Rev. J. Billings, Mr. Chas Root, and Miss Lucreita Soranton, all of Concord.

SOULE - PORTER - Also by the same at Hanover, on the 5th inst. Isaac Soule, M. D. and Miss Harriet M. youngest daughter of Daniel Porter, Esq.

June 5, 1850 ‘Jackson Citizen’


COBB - RAWSON - In this village, on the 1st of June, by Rev. G. L. Foster, Mr. Guy L. Cobb, and Miss Cynthia Rawson, all of Jackson.

COWLES - WHEELOCK - In Jackson, June 3d by Rev. D. Hendee, Mr. Truman G. Cowles, of Barry county, and Miss Marion Wheelock of this town.

October 2, 1850 ‘Jackson Citizen’


HOLLISTER - PORTER - In this Village, on the evening of the 30th ult., by Rev. G. L. Foster, Mr. E. F. Hollister, of Detroit, and Miss Harriett N. Porter, of Jackson.

BAILEY - GODREY - In Sandstone, on the 25th ult. by Rev. W. E. Boardman, Mr. Alfred Bailey of Albion, and Miss Hannah F. Godfrey, of Sandstone.

February 25, 1852 ‘Jackson Citizen’


FORBES - SMITH - In Jackson, by J. Haire Esq.  Mr. Nathan Forbes of Jackson, to Mrs. Catharine Smith of Leoni.

April 26, 1854 ‘Jackson Citizen’


RICHARDSON - KNIGHT - On the 19th instant, by Rev. F. Freeman, Mr. William N. Richardson to Miss Eliza F. Knight, all of Sandstone.

May 19, 1855 ‘Jackson Citizen’


LAMDIAN - MILLER - In Rives, May 10th. by Rev. J. S. Smart, Arnold Lamdian, of Jackson, and Maria E. Miller of Rives.

December 3, 1857 ‘Jackson Citizen’


GROVER - LAYTON - In Jonesville, on Nov. 23d, at the Sherman House, by R. Nimnocks, Esq., Mr. Alvin Grover to Miss Catherine Layton, both of Liberty, Jackson county.

March 21, 1855 'Jackson Citizen'


EMERY - BROWN - In Spring Arbor, March 15 by Rev. J. ** Scarritt.  Rev. William Emery, pastor of the Baptist church in Sandstone, to Miss Mary E. Brown of Spring Arbor.

November 25, 1858 ‘Jackson Citizen’


COGSWELL - SIMMONS - On the 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Johnson, Mr. George Cogswell to Miss Sarah A. Simmons, all of this place.

January 9, 1867 ‘Jackson Citizen Patriot’


WINCHKETER - SLADE - At Napoleon, on the 30th of December, Mr. William Winchketer, of this city, to Miss Hattie Slade, of Napoleon.

SMITH - HESS - In Liberty, Mich., on the 31st ult., by Rev. H. H. Ware, Mr. Albert H. Smith to Miss Mary Hess, all of Jackson county.

HANKS - DRAKE - On the 1st inst., by the same, Mr. Horack Hanks to Miss Eliza S. Drake, both of Jackson county.

YOUNG - CORNWELL -  On the 2nd inst., by the same, Mr. Wm. A. Young of Hillsdale county, to Maranda A. Cornwell, of Jackson county.

February 11, 1868 ‘Jackson Citizen Patriot’


FERRIS - WILLIAMS - In Blackman, on the 9th inst., by David Markham, Esq., Mr Silas Ferris, of Blackman, and Miss Sarah Williams, of Jackson.

October 4, 1870 ‘Jackson Citizen’
COUNTRYMAN - CLARK - At Tompkins, by Rev. Henry Melville, on the 30th of September, Mr. Daniel Countryman and Miss Evlyn Clark, both of Tompkins.

LATTIMER - TREFREY - In this city, at the residence of the bride's father, on the 30th ult., by Rev. L. D. Palmer, Mr. John B Lattimer and Miss Josie M. Trefry, all of Jackson.

At the Parsonage, in Jackson, Mich., Sept. 13th by Rev. H. F. Spencer, Mr. William T. ALLEN, of Jackson, and Mrs. mary E. SNELGROVE, of Albion, Mich.

At the Parsonage, in Jackson, Mich., Sept. 28th, by Rev. H. F. Spencer, Mr. Edward ROSE, of Hanover, Mich., and Miss Carrie M. BROWERMAN, of the same place.

At the Parsonage, in Jackson, Mich., Sept. 28th, by Rev. H. F. Spencer, Mr. Charles N. SWEET, of Marshall, Mich., and Miss Mattie E. SHERMAN, of Jackson.

JUDSON - BURLISON - On the 13th of Sept., 1870, at the residence of the bride's mother in Utica. N. Y., by Rev. A. S. Patton, D. D., H. C. Judson of Jackson, Mich., and Miss De Etta Burlison of Utica, N. Y.  The printer were kindly remembered.

FULLER - LAVERTY - At Woodville, Wednesday, Sept. 28th, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. J. T. Magrath, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Jackson, Hon. Abel Fuller, of Ashland, Nebraska, and Miss Violette Laverty, of Woodville.

WIRTZ - WALKER - In this city, on the evening of the 29th inst., by Rev. D. E. Millard, Mr. S. J. Wirtz and Miss S. A. Walker, daughter of William Walker, Esq., all of Jackson.

HUNT - CRANE - In this city, on the 27th inst. by Rev. J. T. Magrath, Mr. Edward L. Hunt and Miss Mary E. Crane, all of Jackson.


FERRIS - WILLIAMS - In Blackman, on the 9th inst., by David Markham, Esq., Mr Silas Ferris, of Blackman, and Miss Sarah Williams, of Jackson.

May 15, 1894 'Jackson Citizen Patriot'


GILLETT – LOREE – At the residence of Charles Coons, Ingham street, May 7th, by Justice Worch, Willis Gillett and Josie Loree, of Liberty.

SNOOR – GALVIN – At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Younkin, on Francis street, May 8, 1894, by Rev. R. B. Baleam, r. Fred Snoor and Miss Elizabeth Galvin.

June 20, 1899 'Jackson Citizen Patriot'


DART-BEGEL – At the residence of the bride’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Begel, 214 E. High street, Thursday, June 15, by Rev. J. B. McCarthy, of Grand Rapids, Mrs. John W. Dart, of Spring Arbor, and Miss Jennie Evaline Begel. Miss Ora Tefft, of Spring Arbor, acted as bridesmaid and Arthur Tefft, of Spring Arbor, as best man.  The bride was attired in a gown of pale blue, trimmed with white.  Miss Tefft wore lavender dress over yellow.  Miss Maud Perrine presided at the piano, and played the wedding march.  After the ceremony a line dinner was served the 70 guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Dart went to Lansing for a short visit after which they will go to their future home at Spring Arbor.  Among the guests were: Representative W. A. Reed, of Hanover, Mrs O. K. Harvey and daughter Grace, of North Adams, Miss Bessie Barrett, of Clinton, and Charles Burns, of Adrian.

SMITH-HICKS – Wednesday evening, Jun 14th, at Chestnut Ridge farm.  Just outside the city limits, town of Blackman, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Oren A. Hicks were about 30 friends gathered to witness the marriage of their only daughter, Eunica M. to Mr. Byron H. Smith, of Sandstone.  The officiating clergyman was Rev. G. R. Foster, of Jackson.  Precisely at 8:30 the familiar straius of the wedding march was heard.  Soon came in Miss Cora Raymond and Mr. Clarence Smith, brother of the groomsman, second bridesmaid and groomsman, forming a circle crossing in a very neat manner making a half circle to reach the alcove, about 15 feet back came Miss Cora Brown, of Jackson, and Mr. Berton C. Hicks, brother of the bride, first bridesmaid and groomsman, marching in the same manner, and lastly came the bride and groom, following directly in the footsteps of the former couples, thus forming a half circle under the arch.  The bride was handsomely and becomingly attired in white French lawn, carrying a bouquet of bridal roses.  The groom was dressed in regulation black, wearing two white roses.  The bridesmaids were very daintily dressed, wearing pink and white roses.  The groomsman the same.  The house was very beautifully decorated throughout with roses,  the alcove being draped with an abundance of lace, all being looped with roses and smilax.
    Candles were lighted in every conceivable nook.  The decorated dining table is certainly worthy of mentioning; roses were profusely used in every room.  Music through the entire ceremony made it very impressive, which was performed by Mrs. G. E. Daking, of Stanton, in a very creditable manner.  They received many beautiful and valuable presents.  Following the congratulations a dainty repast was served, which was enjoyed by all.  At 11 o’clock Mr. and Mrs. Smith took the carriage for the city, enroute for Adrian and other places.  A storm of rice fell upon the happy couple as they drove away, after which the guest returned to their homes, wishing them a long and prosperous union.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside in Sandstone and will be at home to their friends after July 4th.  “What God hath joined together let no man put asunder.”

November 29, 1935 'Jackson Citizen Patriot'

Pretty Holiday Wedding Takes Place in Church
Several Hundred Guests at BULLINGER and LeFERE Nuptials

    In the presence of several hundred friends gathered in St. John’s Catholic church Thanksgiving morning at 9:30, Miss Louise Maria LeFere was united in marriage with Jack Bullinger.  Rev. Fr. John G. Wall, Rev. Fr. Clement Rose and Rev. Fr. Bernard Crowley of Detroit officiated.  Two brothers of the bride, Royal and Alidor LeFere, served mass, which was sung by the 10th and 12th grade students.  Julian VanMale and Robert Mayotte sang the offertory.  Palms, ferns and wedding bouquets added to the beauty of the altar.
    The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alidor LeFere, 400 Ellery Ave., and Mr. and Mrs. john Bullinger of Homewild Ave. are the parents of the bridegroom.
    Miss Margaret LeFere, sister of the bride, was maid of honor, and the duties of best man were performed by Robert Bullinger, brother of the bridegroom.  Ushers were Maurice and Albert LeFere, brothers of the bride; Walter Bullinger, the bridegroom’s brother and Louis Devinger.
    The bride was attired in a becoming suit of brown velvet with a gold blouse and brown accessories.  She wore a corsage of gardenais.  Miss LeFere wore a green suit with fur trim and matching accessories.  Her flowers were Johanna Hill roses.
    Following the ceremony, there was a reception at home.  The wedding dinner was served at Meadow Lark Inn, and dancing was held in the Eagles temple.
    Guests were present from Detroit, Chicago, Ypsilanti and the great aunt and uncle of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. John McCluster were from Grass Lake.
    At 9:30 p.m., Mr. and Mrs. Bullinger left on a honeymoon.  They will be at home after Dec. 15 at 911 Union St.  For traveling the bride chose a black dress trimmed in white, a sport coat with matching accessories.

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