Jackson County MI

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Transcriptions from the Jackson County Marriage Indexes

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Ray Cleveland and Harriet Washburn: 21 Aug. 1911, Jackson, MI
Robert Emerson Sr and Harriet Cleveland: 07 Aug. 1920 Jackson, MI
John Washburn and Lottie Lightcap: 12 Aug. 1891, Jackson, MI
George B. Huston and Alberta Lightcap Brown: 29 Apr. 1893, Jackson, MI
Noble Rittenhouse and Harriet Lightcap: 26 July 1905, Jackson, MI

Contributed by Carol Natschke Harner

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Earliest Marriages in the Episcopal Church
Jackson County
Copied by Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter
March, 1932

Feb. 20:    Giles BLOOMFIELD to Cornelia WILLIAMS, both of Sandstone, by Rev. F. H. Cuming
Dec. 24:    William D. COLE to Sarah SHOONMAKER, both of Sandstone

Jan. 26:    Peter O. LANE to Somanthe Anne KENT
Feb. 25:    William E MUNDY to Jane GORHAM, both of Ann Arbor
Oct. 13:    Ethiel C. LYON, of Ohio to Elsey M. GANSON of Jackson
Oct. 13:    Almon PATTERSON of Batavia, N.Y. to Caroline VAUGHN of Jackson
Dec. 1:    John TILLETTSON of Marshall to Julia Emma HIGBY of Tompkins

Apr. 7:        George GARDNER to Emma WALLIS, both of Jackson

Feb. 7:    Birdsey T. BIDWELL of Tecumseh, Mich. to Elizabeth A. CUSHING of Cicero, N. Y.
June 2:    John SUMNER to Julia W. BENNETT, by Rev. C. W. Fitch

June 26:    George W. RANEY to Almanza BUDLONG, both of Jackson
July 26:    Charles L. BIRD to Lucy E. KENT, both of Jackson

July 11:    Harry NEWBERRY to Margaret MOORE
July 11:    Charles COLLINS to Elizabeth H. CARDELL
Aug. 7:    George L. STRANAHAN to Mary W. POWERS
Sept. 4:    Charles W. PERRY to Judith VAUGHN
Dec. 12:    Hans SHIDSEN to Helen WESTERN

Feb 5:        Henry FRINK to Cornelia E. RING
July 3:        George P. KASSICK to Sarah E. ALEXANDER
Aug. 25:    Lewis DORMER to Sarah E. WELCH

Sept. 17:    Alfred CALHOUN to Mary CREECH
Oct. 5:     Cornelius MAHON to Anne STORMS (Sarah Anne)
Oct. 14:    Harry B. LATHROP to Orpah E. BATES
Nov. 11:    Philander E. PIERCE to Rosina M.D LAVERTY

Feb. 3:    John R. KENNEDY of Jackson to Frances V. GOODRICH of Attica, N.Y. by Rev. D. T. Grinnell
Apr. 18:    Peter B. LOOMIS to Harriet KENNEDY, both of Jackson by Rev. D. T. Grinnell
July 31:    David PORTER of New York to Nancy TRIDALE, both of Jackson by Rev. D. T. Grinnell
Nov. 19:    Thomas B. SKINNER to Miss KINGMAN

Mar. 5:    W. W. LAWRENCE of Homer to Mary L. LOUD of Jackson by Peter Adam
Apr. 16:    George W. GORMAN, aged 43 yrs. to Harriet BATES, 24 yrs. of Jackson
Apr. 16:    Henry WERCOTT, of Jackson to Miss L. A. MOULTON of Attica, N. Y.
Aug. 25:    William ERNST to Irene KENNEDY of Jackson
Dec. 3:    Emanuel HARWOOD to Susan PHILIPS

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Earliest Marriage Records in
Jackson County Court House
Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter
March, 1932

Nov 26:     Abel B. HUBBARD, age 35, and Emily POMEROY, age 23 at Jackson

May 9:    Eliza (?) STRAIGHT, age 23, and Eliza POST, age 21, both of Liberty, at Liberty
July 4:        William JOHNSON, age 21, of Township of Ops, Home District of Upper Canada, and Margaret PUNSHUN,             age 19, of Grass Lake at Grass Lake
Aug. 5:    Ezra TOWNER of Henrietta and Jane YOUNG of Charlotte, married at Jackson
Aug. 4:    James I. VANDERLYN, age 25, and Mary S. CULVER, age 18, both of Jackson, at Jackson
June 20:    Albert T. PUTNAM, age 30 and Sarah An. CHAPMAN, age 20, both of Henrietta
June 24:    John STURTEVANT, age 26, Blackbetty Township, Kane County, Illinois and Phebe FREEMAN, age 23, Henrietta, Jackson County
July 18:    Spaulding WELCH, age 27, of Henrietta and Serilla FELLOWS, age 24, of Jackson
June 8:    H. C. MARTIN, age 25, of Underhill, Vermont, and Chelonida PARDEE, age 28, Spring Arbor, at Spring Arbor
Aug. 14:    Chauncey N. Root, Town-Madison, Lenawa Co. Age 52 Patty Fowler, Hanover, Jackson Co. Age 47
            married at Jackson
July 25:    Hezakiah W. Town, age 20, of Liberty and Susanah Town age 16 at Jackson
July 16:    James D. Marvin of Jackson and Lucy Ann Larabee of Monroe at Jackson
March 3:    Charles C. Lake of Kalamazoo and Mary E White of Jackson at Jackson
Aug. 13:    John Dias and Lucretia Person, both of Jackson
July 3:        Morgan Packard, age 24 of Spring Arbor and Betsy Todd of Leoni at Leoni
Aug. 18:    Barnabas P. Holmes, age 24, of Leslie, Ingham Co. and Lydia L. Watson of Columbia, at Columbia
Sept. 23:    William W. Dean, age 22, and Isabell Chapel, age 19, both of Sandstone at Sandstone
June 19:    Abram H. Foree, age 22, and Jarneia Coulson, age 17, both of Stockbridge, Ingham Co. married at
            Waterloo, Jackson Co.
Sept 30:    William M. Avery, age 24, and Harriet M. Reed, age 20, both of Jackson, at Jackson
Oct 14:    Zabina Ransom, age 44, and Laura E. Cook, age 26, both of Jackson, at Jackson
Aug. 5:    Jerome Doak, age 23, of Springport and Rachel SMith, age 16, of Hanover
Sept. 23:    Charles T. Wellman, age 24, and Phebe J. Wellman, age 15, both of Jackson
Sept. 13:    Watson B. Weeks, of Somerset, Hillsdale Co. and Elenor A. Beedle of Somerset, Hillsdale Co.
Sept. 12:    David H. Creech, age 22, and Mary A. Morris, age 28, both of Jackson.
Sept. 18:    John Oyer, age 30, of Springport and Adaline Caine, age 26 of Hanibal, Oswego Co. N.Y. at Jackson
July 4:        Joshua D. Densmore age 21, of Jackson and Susan Center, age 18, of Pulaske, at Hanover
Aug. 18:    Samuel W. Hopkins, age 22, and Harriet M. Call, age 15, both of Waterloo
Sept. 19:    Josiah Spaulding, age 29 and Jane Antonette Neadham, age 23, both of Grass Lake
Sept. 30:    Oliver W. Perry, age 38 and Sarah Graham, age 35, at Parma
Oct. 16:    Josiah C Riley and Sarah Wells, both of Leoni
Dec. 11:    Gardner Gates, age 56 and Lucy Tyler, age 41 at Rives Mich.
Nov. 24:    Gustavus A. Holt, age 26, of Ingham, Ingham Co. and Martha Muscott of Lima, Washtenaw Co.
Oct. 18:    Eddy E. Coy, age 32, and Fanny E Rummery, age 32 both of Jackson, at Napoleon
Oct. 17:    Zora Mosher, age 27, of Jackson and Jane Griffith, age 22, of Columbia, married at Columbia
Oct. 30:    Edward Frederick, age 33, and Ann Amelia Bidner, age 23, both of Jackson at Jackson
Nov. 17:    John C. St. John, age 27, of Albion, Calhoun Co. and Elizabeth Lewis, age 24, of Parma, at Jackson
Dec. 26:    Herman Secuberick, age 24, and Mary Ann Landis, age 26, both of Jackson
Sept. 15:    George W. Meeker, age 26, of Albion, and Ordelia M. Elwood, age 24, of Whitestown, N.Y. at Hanover
Oct. 11:    James Cushman, age 20, of Pulaski, and Lucinda Crop, age 21, of Concord, at Concord
Dec. 16:    Lewis L. Leggitt, age 23, and Harriet D. Foot, age 18, both of Tompkins
Sept. 8:    William H. Adams, age 20, of Thompkins, and Harriet M. Draper, age 17, of Rives, at Rives
Oct. 31:    Tabor T. Nichols, age 22, of Waterloo, and Ann Eliza Perkins, age 18, of Henrietta

Oct. 19:    Alven A. Alvuson, age 27, Wheatland, Hillsdale County, and Marie Miles, age 26, Tompkins
Aug. 15:    John E. Brown, age 29, and Ann Maria Andrews, age 19, both of Sandstone.
Nov. 19:    John S. Butter, age 25, and Mrs. Lydia Richardson, age 33, both of Parma, at Albion
Sept. 7:    Frederick Hall, age 28, and Nancy Jane Kilsey, age 18, both of Leoni
Dec. 20:    William S. Moore, age 24, and Amelia L. Beebe, age 17, both of Jackson, at Jackson
Dec. 1:    Benjamin Hall, age 33, of Gibralter, Wayne Co. and Frances Whitcomb, of Gibralter, age 20, at Liberty
Nov. 7:    Thomas S. Decker, age 25, Sylvan, Washtenaw Co. and Kathrine Karlin, age 22, Waterloo, Jackson Co.
Dec. 29:    Jacob B. Ellison, age 21, and Amanda E. Ward, age 16, both of Jackson
Dec. 28:    Lincoln Wood, age 29, of Jackson, and Lydia Ann Bryant, age 25, of Spring Arbor at Spring Arbor
Dec. 15:    Everett Beardsley, age 23, Grass Lake, and Caroline Crankhite, age 20 Rives

Jan. 2:    George McARthur, age 29, of Concord, at Concord and Nancy Parciel, age 23, of Concord
Jan. 13:    David J. Smith, age 26, of Dexter, Washtenaw Co. and Betsy W. Currier, age 21, of Grass Lake
Jan. 20:    James A. Keyes, age 37, and Julia Hitchcock, age 18, both of Grass Lake

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